The Taste of Tyent Ionized Water (Version 2.0)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On December 29, 2014 7:31 pm

Ever wonder how ionized water tastes? A legitimate query if you’ve never tasted ionized alkaline water.  Coincidentally, aside from the rave reviews people give Tyent Water for its health benefits, one of the comments we get most often is how good the water tastes.  Words like delicious and refreshing are commonly used when describing ionized alkaline water from Tyent. 

Even picky toddlers know delicious water when they taste it.
Even picky toddlers know delicious water when they taste it.

Meet Lorraine Westenberger, fitness guru and owner of Viva! Wellness Studio, located in Williamstown, New Jersey.  Below is an excerpt from Lorraine’s testimonial.

Lorraine“Tyent Water is as unique and healthy as my workouts; it’s light, crisp and delicious, and best of all, it’s filled with healthy antioxidants that I

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Tyent Answers The Bell For The Last Round Of Questions Before The Holidays (Updated)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On December 23, 2014 5:44 pm

It has been a remarkable and successful year for us here at Tyent, as more people began to take their health seriously and invested in a water ionizer from Tyent.

Cheers to your health!
Cheers to your health!

As more people realized the dangers of drinking tap water coupled with the high cost of buying bottled water (not only the price but the harm to the environment), investing in clean, non-polluting water only made sense to them.

Let’s answer some questions:

Is Ionized Alkaline Water Pseudoscience?

Absolutely not. But first, let’s define pseudoscience.  Pseudoscience – a theory, methodology, or practice that is considered to be without scientific foundation

It’s not pseudoscience according to the research as well as the countless positive testimonials

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Yes, You CAN Take Ionized Water With You (Updated)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On December 16, 2014 5:49 pm

With fresh, clean drinking water at a premium these days (and at a premium price), people are looking for safe and cost effective alternatives to polluted tap and bottles of plastic water of questionable purity. Tyent water ionizers create the ultimate alternative: fresh, clean water with health benefiting properties and for about 6¢ a glass.

Don't throw your money down the drain by buying bottled water.
Don’t throw your money down the drain by buying bottled water.

Want to take your delicious Tyent Water out and about? Here are some things you’ll need to know before you go:

Does Ionized Alkaline Water Ever Lose its Alkalinity?

Yes, ionized alkaline water does lose its alkalinity over time and with a few other factors thrown in.  Ionized alkaline water has a high

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More Interesting Questions Getting Answered about Tyent Ionized Water (Revised)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On December 15, 2014 6:05 pm

It’s no secret that there is a serious shortage of clean drinking water in the world and everyday, more and more people are looking for alternatives to the chemical-laden water that flows from their tap or from having to spend a small fortune on bottled water.

plage pollue de dchets plastiques flottants
Were you aware that a plastic bottle has a lifespan of around 450 years?  Sorry future people.

Harsh chemicals in tap water and wasted money on bottled are two good reasons to stop drinking tap or bottled water. But that doesn’t even take into account the billions of empty plastic bottles suffocating our oceans and clogging our rivers, not to mention the horrific landfill nightmare they create.  

If you are one of the

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The Health Benefits Derived From Drinking Ionized Alkaline Water (Updated)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On December 10, 2014 7:07 pm

Each day brings more questions from people who are curious about ionized alkaline water: why it is better than what flows from the tap and even, what it is.  The Tyent Alkaline Water Company is working hard to get this seemingly endless list of questions answered.

Cheers to healthy water!
Cheers to healthy water!

Here is the first question du jour.

What is “Tyent Water”?

Tyent Water is the name given to the water produced by a Tyent water ionizer after it has transformed regular tap water into water that is now filtered, ionized, alkalized, hydrogen-rich and filled with essential minerals and more.

Is Tyent Water Better than Regular Water?

In a word: Yes.

Check out these 5 facts about what

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Tyent Responds to Questions About Water Ionizers from Around the Globe (New + Improved)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On December 5, 2014 7:56 pm

Well, the day that working people look forward to the most has finally arrived — Friday! Friday is a great day for three reasons: it marks the end of the workweek, the beginning of the weekend, and for some…pay day. 

Investing in your health with a water ionizer is the ultimate pay day.
Investing in your health with a water ionizer is the ultimate pay day.

Regardless of the day, people still want to learn more about water ionizers from Tyent so let’s get started.

First Question:

Does Water from a Water Ionizer Need to be Refrigerated?

The answer to that question is two-fold.  Yes, if you want cold water and no, if you don’t.  Alkaline water, though healthier than regular water, at its core, is still water.  If you like

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What Is Alkaline Water Anyway? (Revised)

Posted by: Rhona Reid On December 1, 2014 6:40 pm

If you’re wondering what alkaline water is, you’re not alone. Alkaline water is ordinary water that has been modified to raise the pH to a level that is above 7.0 on the pH scale.  Water that registers below 7.0 is acidic while water with a reading above 7.0 is alkaline.

A Tyent water ionizer can turn tap water into delicious, clean alkaline water.
A Tyent water ionizer can turn tap water into delicious, clean alkaline water.

It is important that we avoid drinking acidic water or eating too many foods that are highly acidic.  Acid in the system can lead to a host of maladies and opens the door to disease by allowing for the formation of free radicals.

Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd (unpaired) …

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The Great Niagara Falls

Posted by: Rhona Reid On September 22, 2014 6:27 pm


  One of the Greatest Waterfalls in the World



Niagara falls     Waterfall n.  A cascade of water falling from a height, formed when a river or stream flows over a precipice or steep incline


Waterfalls are fascinating wonders of nature to behold.  They are beautiful, mesmerizing, and powerful.   


There are thousands of falls across the world and trying to decide which waterfall the greatest is, is like determining the most beautiful mountain.  Beauty, as with art and many other things, is subjective and involves many factors.  

So we’ll begin with the falls closest to home and surely one of the greatest, Niagara Falls.


Niagara Falls


The word Niagara is taken from the Iroquois Indian word Onguiaahra meaning, “the

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Summer Is Still Here So Stay Cool

Posted by: Rhona Reid On August 26, 2014 6:23 pm


                      Keep Cool With Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water



Cucumber     It is August.  August is typically the hottest month of year for many of us here in America with most states averaging around 80 degrees.

Averages don’t always translate to actual though.  As an example, where I am, eighty degrees is normal for this time of year yet it’s been in the nineties all month long and the heat index has been hovering at 100 degrees and above for the past week.

Translation, it is still summer and your body is still susceptible to overheating.  While August may portend cooling temperatures, they aren’t here yet and overheating is still a concern for many in  some of the hotter climates around

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Tyent USA and a World of Water

Posted by: Rhona Reid On July 9, 2014 7:21 pm


Wet and Wild Facts About Water!


earth drop on grass   Water is the sustainer of life.  Every living plant and creature on planet Earth depends on water for their existence.  

From the sixteen thousand pound African elephant, to the three-gram, Ruby Throated hummingbird, and all animals in between, none can live without water.

Each year the average person (if there is such a thing) drinks up to fifty-eight gallons of water.

I thought it might be interesting and a little fun to lay out some fascinating facts for you about water, its consumption, and mystery.  


Earthly Water Facts by the Numbers  

  • Over seventy percent of our planet is covered in water (70.9%)


  • The typical cumulus cloud weighs around 1.1 million pounds
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