10 Best Quick Workouts For Busy People Who Don’t Have Much Time

Beautiful young woman sports wear holding yoga mat | Best Quick Workouts For Busy People Who Don't Have Much Time

Doing some quick workouts is one of the best ways to spend your time. You don’t need to run a marathon or lift weights for three hours to see results.

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In this article:

  1. Running
  2. Stationary Bike
  3. Rowing Machine
  4. Dumbbell Exercises
  5. Resistance Bands
  6. Calisthenics
  7. Kickboxing
  8. Circuit Training
  9. Interval Training
  10. Yoga

Quick Workouts | 10 Ways to Stay Fit Even When Work Eats Your Time

1. Running

Woman running holding bottle of water in autumn field at sunset | Best Quick Workouts For Busy People Who Don't Have Much Time

One of the tried-and-tested quick workouts is running. It has fantastic benefits for weight loss, heart health, and mental clarity.

Even a short 15-minute jog can rev up your metabolism, reduce stress, and leave you feeling relaxed and energized for the rest of the day.

Tips: Choose a comfortable pair of shoes. Perform some light stretches before you hit the road.

Try to switch up your pace and run up and down hills for a greater challenge.

If joint pain prevents you from running, you can go for a brisk walk outside or on a treadmill. You can also drink alkaline water to bring back electrolytes.

2. Stationary Bike

If running isn’t your thing, you can get similar cardiovascular benefits through cycling. Most stationary bikes use magnetism or air to provide resistance.

Tips: Adjust the seat height when necessary and set the resistance to a challenging but not overbearing level. You can adjust your pace and resistance to vary your workout.

3. Rowing Machine

Leg, shoe, trainers, and gym | Best Quick Workouts For Busy People Who Don't Have Much Time

One of the quick effective workouts, the rowing machine engages your entire body. In fact, it uses about 80% of all the muscles!

Another advantage is it gives you an intense workout with low impact on your joints.

Tips: Set the damper setting at a level you can manage with moderate effort. The higher the setting, the more air flows in, making it harder to row.

The harder you push with your legs and pull with your arms, the more you’ll improve your strength and endurance.

4. Dumbbell Exercises

With a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a bench, you can perform a variety of traditional strength exercises. These include the bench press, shoulder press, curl, triceps extension, squat, and calf raise.

5. Resistance Bands

You can also do some quick workouts with resistance bands.

What are resistance bands? These tools are excellent for improving strength and flexibility. They are available in single-loop and tube varieties.

Stackable resistance band sets come with door attachments and ankle straps for your convenience. With the stackable variety, you can add or remove tubes to fit your ability and perform exercises to target nearly every muscle group.

Movements include the resistance band push-up, curl, shoulder press, and chest press. You can also perform stomach curl, triceps pushdown, squat, and side leg raise.

Unlike free weights, resistance bands are lightweight and easy to carry when traveling.

6. Calisthenics

Fit man working out park | Best Quick Workouts For Busy People Who Don't Have Much Time

Calisthenics, a.k.a. bodyweight exercise is the most natural type of strength conditioning. You can mix and match a variety of movements to create your own quick at-home workouts.

Tips: Find an open space in your home to do some push-ups, sit-ups, and flutter kicks. Add some squats, jumping jacks, high knees, mountain climbers, burpees, and more.

With a pull-up bar or a set of gymnastics rings, you can perform a variety of movements. These can include pull-ups, dips, leg-raises, L-sit holds, and bodyweight curls.

7. Kickboxing

Few quick workouts at home are as fun and calorie-shredding as kickboxing. You can practice striking the heavy bag or train with a partner using the pads or sparring.

Tips: Practice good form, paying close attention to your footwork. If you don’t have a partner or boxing equipment, you can still get a great workout by setting a timer and shadow-boxing for several two- to three-minute rounds.

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8. Circuit Training

Close male feet jumping mid air | Best Quick Workouts For Busy People Who Don't Have Much Time

If you can’t decide on a single quick workout, you can incorporate a little of everything into a circuit training routine.

For example, you can perform a set of push-ups and then, jump rope for three minutes. You can proceed with a set of resistance band curls and shadow box for three minutes after.

Lastly, do a set of squats and repeat the exercises.

Tips: You can make a circuit as long or short as you want.

The key is to move from one exercise to another with minimal rest. It will keep your heart rate up throughout the training.

9. Interval Training

One of the quick easy workouts is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), although it doesn’t mean it’s simple. It involves alternating between an interval of low to medium effort to an interval of high effort.

For example, you may jog for two minutes, then sprint for twenty seconds, and repeat.

You can also apply the principles of HIIT to other quick workouts such as running, cycling, and kickboxing.

10. Yoga

Sports yoga girl drinking water bottle | Best Quick Workouts For Busy People Who Don't Have Much Time

Another of the quick home workouts is yoga. With a one-hour session, you can improve your balance, flexibility, and strength while burning calories.

You can design your own yoga program or join a class at a local gym. You also have different options. Hot yoga is one of the most popular types today.


With all these workouts, you’d be glad to know that water can also help you out. Just watch this video from Brandon Carter:

Get creative and come up with your own quick workouts. You can even alternate them to always surprise your body and avoid the boredom.

Just remember to warm up before exercising and to train at your own pace.

If you have preexisting health issues, talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise regimen.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water too to replace your lost electrolytes.

To further improve your health, choose alkaline. You can make it by using only a water ionizer.

What are your favorite quick workouts? Share them in the comments section below!

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