Alkaline Water and a Spoonful of Sugar…

A study published in October 2015 in the American Journal of Physiology (Endocrinology & Metabolism), found that swapping expensive, specialist sports drinks in favor of plain old water shaken up with a spoonful of sugar, might well improve athletic performance.

‘"Okay. Now let’s try the same thing with a handful of jelly beans.”
‘”Okay.  Now let’s try the same thing with a handful of jelly beans.”

The Sweetest Thing

A research team based at the University of Bath, in the UK, and led by Dr Javier Gonzalez, studied the effects of consuming different liquids to assess how carbohydrates slow the decline of glycogen levels in the liver, which in turn leads to tiredness.

“We [also] found that the exercise felt easier, and the gut comfort of the cyclists was better, when they ingested sucrose compared to glucose.

This suggests that, when your goal is to maximize carbohydrate availability, sucrose is probably a better source of carbohydrate to ingest than glucose.”  ~Dr Javier Gonzalez

The test subjects were long-distance cyclists, who consumed different drinks during the course of the research. The researchers found that sucrose – table sugar – helped to maintain glycogen levels.

Combining different types of sugars was found to increase the rate at which they can be absorbed. Glucose-only fluids raised the possibility of stomach discomfort. The results therefore suggest that a sucrose-based liquid; or quite simply, sugar dissolved in water, is more effective in training and performance than hyped-up, branded sports drinks.

Alkaline Water; Pure Energy

It’s research like this that throws what we know about alkaline water into relief. We know that alkaline water hydrates you faster and more effectively than ‘ordinary’ water.

The reality is that if you’re about to undergo a particularly strenuous training session, or you’re taking part in a long-haul event, then alkaline water will be your best friend. No glucose, no artificial elements; just pure, clean water, that works with your body to help it perform at it’s very best.

Runner drinking water

That Spoonful of Sugar…

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from trying the researchers’ tip to add a spoonful of sugar to your alkaline water for a sustaining energy boost (don’t tell the dentist); but once drinking alkaline water is part and parcel of your regular exercise routine, you’ll almost certainly find that it just simply isn’t necessary!

For which of our products will fit with your lifestyle, with no sugar-coating whatsoever, check out this page and give us a call to ask any questions!

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