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Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water…Seeing is believing


Movie-Audience-2   Everyday at Tyent USA we are changing people’s lives for the better by introducing them and their bodies to Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water. The gains in improved health some people experience is sometimes immediate and always impressive.

I spent this morning watching video-testimonials of people who experienced remarkable results from drinking ionized water from Tyent. These testimonials were from doctors, fitness experts, and people of all occupations.

 The first video I would like to share with you is of Doctor Gus Spatharakas who is head of the Advanced Health and Wellness Clinics in Illinois where they treat people with chronic health conditions. Doctor Gus is a strong believer in ionized alkaline water and not only recommends but also treats his patients with Tyent Water.

In this informative video, Dr. Gus does an actual clinical study on a volunteer who, like myself, was very impressed with the almost instant improvement she witnessed.

You can see that video and many others by following the link provided at the end of this article.


Dave-GreeneAnother impressive video on that same page takes you inside a state of the art fitness club and interviews CEO Dave Greene, of Willow Bend Fitness where he speaks on hydration and peak performance and why he installed a Tyent alkaline water system in his gym.
Additionally, in this brief two-minute video, you also hear Dave state what he doesn’t like about his Tyent alkaline water unit.  Now what could that possibly be?



You’ll need to watch his video to discover what that is!

A video I found interesting was by professional baseball player Michael McKenry, Catcher, for the famed Pittsburgh Pirates.


McKenry   Michael was first introduced to Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water by word of mouth. Other athletes that Michael admired and looked up to were excited to share their discovery of alkaline water from Tyent with him.  After listening to their stories and doing his homework, Michael decided to invest in a Tyent system.  He has never looked back.  He learned that the claims made by the other players of their undeniably improved performances were true. He was so impressed that he volunteered to make this video to share the good news with fellow athletes and for any person looking to improve their health.


Another video I found most informative is the “Why Tyent” video. In this six and a half minute feature, you’ll learn an incredible amount of information about the Tyent company.  You will also discover the strict standards applied in creating these remarkable machines as well as the background and history of the company and the dedicated people behind the scenes that make it all happen.


You will find these videos and others, including a must see video comparing Kangen Water to Tyent Water as well as videos on the products themselves.  To discover the beauty, the state of the art technologies, and even how a Tyent unit will look in your home, simply click on the link below.



If you are considering investing in an ionized alkaline water machine, I implore you to take a few moments to educate yourself on this incredible water and learn why Tyent USA is number one in America and why they should be your first and only choice.



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