Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water for Life

Posted by: Rhona Reid On June 17, 2014 2:17 pm


                                         Water at Work in Our Bodies


 Water cogs  Undeniably, we cannot live without two nutrients. Food and water. Three, if you count chocolate.

Food, you can last nearly a month without eating. Water, only about a week if you are lucky. But why is water so important to us? What does water do to and for our bodies to keep us alive?  I want to try to answer those questions in non-technical language.

How important is water to our system?  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a mere two percent decrease of water in our bodies can cause fatigue and a reduction in brain function.  This makes me think I’m low on water most days.  Our connection to water and

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Why Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water Is The Leader

Posted by: Rhona Reid On April 30, 2014 4:48 pm



Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water…Seeing is believing


Movie-Audience-2   Everyday at Tyent USA we are changing people’s lives for the better by introducing them and their bodies to Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water. The gains in improved health some people experience is sometimes immediate and always impressive.

I spent this morning watching video-testimonials of people who experienced remarkable results from drinking ionized water from Tyent. These testimonials were from doctors, fitness experts, and people of all occupations.

 The first video I would like to share with you is of Doctor Gus Spatharakas who is head of the Advanced Health and Wellness Clinics in Illinois where they treat people with chronic health conditions. Doctor Gus is a strong believer in ionized alkaline

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