Tyent’s Ionized Alakaline Water Sets a New Standard For Purity


                                         Pure Water, the Clear Choice


Girl with Pure Water


     I was traveling last week and while passing through this little town I stopped at a country-cooking restaurant for something to eat.  There were some cars in the parking lot, a good sign that the food might be decent.  I tend to avoid eateries that have only the staff’s cars in the parking lot at the dinner hour. 


Anyway, when the busy server reached my table he thoughtfully placed a glass of water down in front of me.  I raised it to my lips and was about to take a sip when he said, “You probably shouldn’t drink that.”  I stopped an inch short of my mouth.  Frozen, I asked, “Why not?”  He leaned in closer, shifted his eyes back and forth and in a low voice said, “The water here is really bad.  The food is good, but they’ve been having some kind of problem with the water.” 


I asked what kind of problems and he told me that the state’s water inspectors or some agency had run tests and discovered that the water might be contaminated.  Maybe from old pipes, leaching, or something else, they didn’t know yet. 


 Dirty water glass with straw    I thought of the food that would be cooked using that water, not to mention washing all the dishes with it, and of course, drinking it.  How they could still be open was a mystery.   


I left him a nice tip for the tip he’d given me and decided to hold off on the eating for another hundred miles or so.  I have left restaurants before for bad food, but never because of bad water. 


 Route 66 Sign  As I drove off, the funny thought crossed my mind that maybe this guy just tells people that so they tip him and he doesn’t have to work but that seemed unlikely.                    


Regardless, this brings us to point of the story.  Pure water, it really is becoming scarce.



Tyent Water…the Purest the Best


Other than expensive bottled or delivered, there really isn’t much choice when it comes to the water that we all must drink.  Some companies offer home filtration systems you can buy at discount stores.  Most are made of plastic with activated carbon filters and are good for filtering out bad taste and odor in tap water, but do very little in the chemical removal department. 


Tyent USA is an industry leader in the field of ionized alkaline water.  With superior water purification capability built into every Tyent system, you are assured that only the purest ionized alkaline water reaches your glass.



Tyent’s patented, Solid/Mesh water filters are medical grade and Platinum dipped multiple times to ensure their longevity and effectiveness while boosting the ratio of generating hydrogen.   In addition, these quality machines are constructed from the finest materials and are beautifully designed to complement any décor. 


Key pad    With Tyent’s One touch Keypad, you control the alkaline level for drinking or acidic level for cleaning.



Moreover, Tyent alkaline water purifiers are scientifically proven to screen out or seriously reduce a long list of dangerous chemicals and contaminants found in municipal or tap water, as it is commonly known.


If that weren’t enough, ionized alkaline water from Tyent is rich in precious minerals with a pH level above 7 making it alkaline.  Being alkaline, it prohibits the formation of free radicals that cause so much damage to the cell walls of our bodies.


With great features and unsurpassed effectiveness, it is little wonder that Tyent’s 11 Plate ionized alkaline water purifier was proclaimed the winner of the prestigious Editors Choice Award for Ionizer of the Year the year for 2014.




BANNER!    When it comes to creating pure, safe and beneficial drinking water for you and your family, Tyent USA has no superior and probably no peer.


For exceptional products and a lifetime warranty with industry leading customer service, look no further than Tyent USA.


To learn more, please check us out at tyentusa.com.




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