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Extra! Extra!   The Whole World Is On A Diet!    



Tape around scale  Diets.  These days, it seems nearly everyone gets on a diet at one time or another.   


It is little wonder that with all the sugar, fat, artificial flavors and chemicals found in processed food today, along with an increased consumption of sugar-charged soft drinks, that more people are overweight than ever before.  And more and more people are dieting.   

 I have often wondered when I heard someone say, “I’m starting a new diet”, what happened with the old one?  If it made sense at the time and proven to work, why didn’t it?  Mainly, I have discovered, the reasons are two-fold, diets are very hard to stick with and some diets just don’t work.  

I have a friend who has made a career out of dieting.  He jumps on every new diet plan and system that comes out.  Starving himself with tiny portions, cutting out all his favorite foods…torturing himself really.  

And each new diet held the promise of being the last diet you’ll ever need!  In the end, he usually looked about the same as he did when he started.  

I had heard of many of the more famous diets; the Scarsdale Diet, the Rosedale diet, some of the newer ones like the trendy, Gluten Free diet, the Paleo diet and more, but if pressed, I really could not have told you what they were or how they differed.  But I can now.   

This blog is in two parts.  Part two will be tomorrow and will break down one of the newest diet plans that claims to allow you to lose weight and bring an end to dieting forever.  

Today however, we will begin with two diets that can stake their claim to fame.  One old and one new…with the new one being the oldest of all.


  One!    Let’s go back in time with the Scarsdale Diet.  This diet originated in the seventies in Scarsdale, New York, when Dr. Herman Tarnower began prescribing hand written diet plans for his patients.  They worked so well that his patients began to share them with other people and soon it was all the rage.  With the success of his book (The Complete Scarsdale Diet), this diet became an overnight sensation and was an early pioneer of diet trends.

The gist of the Scarsdale Diet is to strictly adhere to the diet plan and learn to exist on a meager 700 calories per day.  There was good reason people lost weight.  They weren’t getting enough nutrition.  On this diet, you can say goodbye to pasta and bread, fatty meats, all dairy products, potatoes, butter, alcohol, and more.

Broken down, this high protein, low carbs diet looks like this.   


  • 43% Protein


  • 22.5% Fat


  • 34.5% Carbs


The nickname appropriated for this strict diet is the Starvation Diet and is really not healthy for you.


Skinny guy SOS



Next up, the diet that is sweeping the nation…the Paleo Diet, also known as the Caveman diet.



Two! in circle    The Paleo Diet is interesting.  Paleo comes from the Greek word palaios, meaning old or ancient.  This diet takes us way back…to an era before farming was developed and animals were yet to be domesticated.  

On the Paleo diet, you are not restricted so much as to the amount of food you can eat, rather the foods you must avoid.  

Tomorrow’s blog will get into the Paleo diet in some detail and also outline the latest diet that promises to bring an end to dieting forever.  Should be interesting.  

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