The Whole World’s On a Diet!  Part 2      

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It seems a new diet fad comes on the market almost weekly promising to be the diet to end all diets.   

Dieting, for many millions of people, can be an ongoing exercise in futility and frustration.  Many of us, either have dieted ourselves, or have known someone who has dieted, often with little or only short-term success.   

All diet plans claim they will help us lose weight and enjoy a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.  And isn’t that the goal, to shed those excess pounds and feel better about ourselves while staving off disease?  

Yesterday’s blog ended by touching on the Paleo Diet.  This diet, also referred to as the Caveman Diet, has gained in popularity recently, and promotes eating foods that are unprocessed and that our bodies were designed to eat.  This Stone Age diet runs contrary to many popular diets in that the range of foods you can eat is fairly broad.  Even the amounts you consume are not regulated.  

Essentially, this is a high protein, high fiber diet.   There are some restrictions though that may take some getting used to.  Here is a list of some of the foods not only allowed, but actually encouraged, on the Paleo Diet.   




  • Fish


  • Lean meats and healthier fats


  • Fruits and vegetables


  • Eggs


  • Nuts and seeds


Since you are required to eat only what our cave dwelling ancestors ate, there are some serious modern-day food restrictions.  



Here are a few of the forbidden.  


  • No processed food whatsoever


  • No wheat and other grains


  • No dairy


  • No refined sugars


  • No salt


  • No legumes at all (beans and peanuts)


Eat what is recommended and avoid what is discouraged and the Paleo Diet promises you will lose weight without counting calories.  The no calorie counting is a big selling point for many dieters.  

Now comes a very interesting concept laid out by Doctor Joel Fuhrman, author of the highly successful book, Eat To Live. 

In the opening lines of his newest book titled the End of Dieting, doctor Fuhrman makes a startling claim.  “Diets don’t work and they are terrible for our health.”  He goes on to say that, diets are short-term fixes at the expense of our long-term health.   

The numbers seem to bear him out.  In reality, only about two people in one hundred are able to lose weight and keep it off permanently.  That is a 2% success rate.  In essence, he states, “You didn’t fail those diets, the diets failed you.”  

No wonder so many people try so hard to lose weight and become discouraged at their lack of success.  

It’s a mind game.  Food addiction, as drug addiction, can be a hard habit to break, but once you do, your life begins anew.  In order to change your life, you first must change your way of thinking.  

Addictions to certain foods and life-long eating habits must be replaced with new, healthier habits and a new mind-set along with forming new eating habits. 

When you ditch the dieting mentality and replace it with eating for excellent health, the pounds will come off while your overall health will improve.  You will lose and gain at the same time. 

But remember, it requires a change in the way you think about food and eating in general that will initiate that change.

I don’t recommend books very often, as reading can be so subjective.  But in this case, I believe a recommendation is in order.      


Reading a book   If you have struggled with yo-yo diets that seem to end in failure, try reading Doctor Fuhrman’s latest book, the End of Dieting.  He offers a proven method for losing weight, keeping it off and improving your health, which inevitably, improves your life.

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