Tyent Ionized Alkaline Water in a Chemical World


                                             What’s in Your Water?


Viking    Most of us have seen those popular television commercials starring those Viking looking barbarians asking, “What’s in your wallet?  


Well, a better question may be, “what’s in your water? From what I discerned from a recent article I read about the safety of drinking water in the United States, the picture looks pretty bleak.  Here are a few stats to mull over about the purity of the water we drink.  Overall, we use some 60,000 chemicals in America.  Frightening enough, but even scarier is the fact that of those 60,000, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulates only about 90 of those contaminants.  Even at that, they don’t eliminate them; they only set a safe standard on the maximum level allowed in your tap water.


Now granted, there are not sixty thousand chemicals in your tap water, but according to recent studies, there are as many 2000!*  The most prominent chemical found in tap water all across the country was Hexavalent Chromium, a/k/a, Chromium-6, a known carcinogen.  Even in small amounts, this poison can begin to eat away at the body.  In addition to the known carcinogen Chromium-6, there are some more cheery named contaminants allowed in our drinking water.  I mean, what good is drinking water without a few neurotoxins in it, right?

Honestly, there has never been a better time to own a water purification system and Tyent makes the best there is.  Back to the bad news.    



 top 5-10-50-vector-illustration   Poisonous chemicals found in tap water**

 Chromium-6 (this one just sounds scientifically scary)

 Arsenic

 Lead

 Benzene

Dimethyl Disulfide

 Naphthalene

 Trimethyl Benzene

 Chlorine (heard of chlorine bleach?)

 Carbon Disulfide

 Fluoride

 Barium

 And many hundreds more


It is shocking, but it is true; tap water is poison.  But wait…there is more bad news.  The run-off of fertilizers as well as pesticides from agriculture are leaching into our water systems and those chemicals according to some, are far more dangerous to ingest than the usual suspects.


The health risks and diseases caused by these carcinogens are too prevalent to ignore or to get around.  The only way to get pure water these days is to either buy it bottled every time or to buy a water purifier only one time.  I italicize one time because Tyent USA offers a no nonsense, no fine print, Lifetime Warranty on their best ionized alkaline water purification systems.  Not to mention (I always wondered why we say, “not to mention” then mention it), a 75 day in-home trial. Tyent water ionizer’s dual filtration system not only removes 98% percent of those harmful pollutants from your tap water while adding valuable minerals, it helps to raise your bodies pH level to a healthy plus 7.


The choice is yours


Do you want to drink Tap Water Cross Bones  and look like these people?  


Howdy Doody                                                                        Red haired woman


Or drink pure Tyent Water and look like Tyent Guy here and his friend?


Tyent Guy                                                                       Fifties woman


I think I know the answer to that question.


To learn more about the remarkable, contaminant free water you can be drinking, please visit us on-line at Tyentusa.com




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