Top 5 Ways to Boost Energy Naturally


This time of year can be energy-draining for all of us.  It’s cold outside and it gets dark early.  It’s difficult to get out of your warm bed in the morning.  Here are five ways you can increase your energy naturally to help you get through your day and closer to those warmer, spring days!

Boost Energy Naturally -


1.  Exercise – When you increase physical activity, you increase your energy.  Even a 10-minute walk has been shown to keep energy levels up long after your walk is over.  Even though it is hard to exercise when you feel tired, your heart pumps more oxygen into your bloodstream, which makes your respiratory and cardiovascular systems work better, causing you to feel more energetic.

2.  Sleep – Turn off your TV and computer and get to sleep!  Getting the right amount of sleep is essential to helping you stay energized during the day.  You should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night.  In addition to getting the proper amount of sleep at night, taking a power nap can also increase energy on days that you are extra tired.  Make sure your nap lasts no longer than 30 minutes so you don’t disrupt your nighttime sleeping patterns.

3.  Food – Always eat breakfast.  Breakfast gives your body the fuel that it needs to start your day.  Eat a well-balanced diet with a lot of alkaline-forming foods.  These include almonds, cantaloupe, celery and green, leafy vegetables.  Try to eat two fruits or vegetables with every meal and snack on fruit and vegetables during the day.

4.  Breathe – Oxygen is important to every cell in our body.  Deep breathing helps increase oxygen levels.  It also helps with the removal of toxins from our bodies and increases blood flow.  Oxygen helps provide energy, so simply by breathing deeply, you can increase your energy levels.  First, exhale slowly through your nose and let all of the air out of your lungs.  Then inhale slowly through your nose for a count of five.  After you inhale, exhale again.  Do this a few times a day.

5.  Drink Water – The main cause of fatigue during the day is a lack of water.  Most of us are dehydrated and do not drink enough water throughout the day.  The best water to drink to increase energy is ionized, alkaline water.  There is an abundance of oxygen in ionized alkaline water, which provides mental alertness and energy to the body.    Drinking ionized alkaline water is probably the most important step you can take for better health and increased energy!


Following these simple steps will help you to stay energized all throughout your day!  What do you do to help you stay energized throughout the day?


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