Pertinent Information About the Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company (Revised)

Obviously, to make an informed decision, one has to be informed.  That is the prerequisite to making any important decision.  The more you know the better off you are.

Three things to know
Three things to know

That’s why it is imperative that before you invest in a water ionizer, you gather all the necessary information about the product, the company, and the service after the sale.  All three are important aspects that need to be considered before you buy.

Tell Me Why I Should Buy a Tyent Machine

Let’s begin with the three aforementioned considerations.

The product:  There are many companies that sell water ionizers, to be sure.  I suppose the most famous is Kangen.  They were sort of the pioneers of alkaline water sales if you will. 

Often times when a product’s name is so familiar to us we tend to believe they must be the best.  Often times, that turns out not to be the case.  Kangen machines are about the most expensive brand out there but not the best by any means.  Furthermore, you have to add a potentially dangerous chemical to their machine in order to alter the pH level.

With a Tyent machine you get Ionizer of the Year quality with never a need to add harsh chemicals.  It is the purpose of our machines to remove and reduce the presence of chemicals, not add more.  Our machines were screened at a State Licensed Water Testing facility and put through their paces by the addition of hundreds of chemicals. 

Tyent water purifiers showed remarkable capacity for purifying the water by reducing the presence of many serious chemicals.  Many chemicals were all but eliminated while hundreds more had their presence severely reduced creating fresh, clean water.

The Company:  Ionizer of the Year is a nice place to start.  There were many companies in the running for that coveted award but only one company received it three years running: The Tyent Alkaline Water Company.  The reason being is that Tyent’s machines were deemed to be the best water ionizers on the market.

Customer Service:  Nearly as important but 3rd on the list is customer service.  All reputable companies have a customer service department but not all companies provide true customer service.  We have all heard, read or experienced this type of treatment first-hand. 

Tyent's Customer Service department will not make your face look like this.
Tyent’s Customer Service department will not make your face look like this.

There is nothing more disheartening than trying to get answers when you can’t even find the right person to question. 

However, Tyent takes customer service seriously.  It is not a catch phrase or just something you have to have because you have a company.  Our customer service is legendary.  We are very serious about providing people with a great product that lives up to its claims, is backed by a good company with a stellar reputation and staffed with caring Customer Service Representatives that are there solely to serve you.

Those are three smart shopping considerations you should definitely make sure are part of any prospective company’s business profile. Call us today at to see consideration number 3 in action!


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