It’s Dictionary Day at the Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company (Version 2.0)

We’ve been getting some questions regarding the definition of the words used to describe Tyent Water so I thought today would be a good day to address them.

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It’s time for today’s vocabulary lesson

Ionized Alkaline Water…What is it Exactly?    

While the term ionized alkaline water is becoming better known, exactly what it is is not so well known.  Case in point: a person asked me the other day what type of blog I wrote and I told them the subject matter.  I read the look on their face.  “Do you know what ionized alkaline water is?”  I asked.  The response was fairly indicative of what I often hear people say. 

First they know that they have heard of it before but aren’t quite sure what it all means so the typical response is, “I kind of do…I know it’s something about different water or something.”  A somewhat vague reply but understandable. 

When you get into the nuts & bolts of the subject some terms can be confusing.  The use of such terms as Ph, ORP, acidic or alkaline, electrolysis and more can be confusing.  This is the perfect time to segue into today’s topic. 

Will You Please Give the Definition of Those Words You Use Pertaining to Alkaline Water?

Sure thing.  Let’s begin with one of the most common words or terms associated with ionized alkaline water, pH.  

pH:  In essence, pH is a logarithmic measure of hydrogen ion concentration in a solution.  A/k/a, power of Hydrogen or percentage of Hydrogen ions.  

On the pH scale, water is neutral at 7.0, alkaline above that number, and when the pH level drops below 7.0, the water is deemed acidic.  

Ionized WaterAny process by which electrically neutral atoms or molecules are converted to electrically charged atoms or molecules. 

In a Tyent water ionizer, this process is achieved when a series of positive and negative electrical charges pass through the water.  Also referred to as electrolysis.

Alkalized WaterAlkalized water is water that has been alkalized.  Alkaline water holds a pH value above the neutral 7.0.  

ORP:  ORP is a 3-letter acronym that stands for Oxygen-Reduction Potential. The ORP “measures the capacity of a solution to either release or accept electrons from chemical reactions.”  A negative ORP value indicates a substance is a reducing agent. In the water ionizer industry, a negative ORP in your water indicates the presence of hydrogen and antioxidants. Negative ORP is one of the most important attributes to look for in ionized alkaline water.

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I Hope That Helps Clear Some Things Up

Tyent water has been cleaned, purified, and ionized. It’s had its pH level elevated (to ensure it is alkaline) and a -ORP value.  All those processes ensure that the effluent water (water leaving the system) is cleaner, fresher, loaded with minerals and rich in antioxidants.  

Those are the majority of words generally used or associated with ionized alkaline water and perhaps now when you come across them in our informative Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide you’ll better understand the processes that transpire inside a Tyent water ionizer.


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