Ionized Alkaline Water and Hangovers (Revised)

Ever wonder if alkaline water is good for hangovers? Well, the answer is yes, alkaline water is actually great for hangovers.  I’ve always heard that after a night of heavy imbibing you sometimes wake up (or come-to) with a pounding headache and insatiable thirst.  Drinking ionized alkaline water from Tyent can help!  

Time for some Tyent Water.
Time for some Tyent Water.

Dehydration is at the root of the hangover and the thirst.  The alcohol absorbs the body’s water causing that deep, body thirst and can also lead to headaches.  Ionized alkaline water allows for faster gastric emptying, which in turn hydrates you faster. That means ionized water can hydrate the body much more effectively than regular water, juice, or sodas ever could. 

Not only is Tyent Water ultra-hydrating, but it’s also packed with natural minerals and antioxidants, to help get you back on your feet faster.

Want to see the eternal effects of drinking ionized water? Take a look at what Tyent Water can do to energize blood cells:

Begin the new year right by drinking water that is good for you, eliminates plastic landfill waste and costs only pennies a glass. Are you ready to invest in your health, but still have questions? Take a look at the ultimate water ionizer cheat sheet today.

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