Happy Hangover Relief With Tyent Alkaline Water!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Oh, sorry. Was that a little too loud? *whispers* happy new year!

If you overdid it on New Year’s Eve, then at least you can reassure yourself that you’re far from being the only one!

Happy New Year…?
Happy New Year…?

Help is at Hand!

If you paced yourself by matching each alcoholic drink for one glass of alkaline water, then chances are that you’re not feeling too dreadful. Dehydration is one of the most significant factors in feeling as though you need to crawl into a dark corner, and stay there until at least early spring.

However, it is possible (and no judgement here, many of us have been there at some point) that you partook of a few more alcoholic beverages than usual, and failed to drink enough non-alcoholic liquid to combat the dreaded hangover.

Nil desperandum! We’re here with a few tips to bring you back to your bright-eyed self in no time!

Food for Feeling Fit!

It’s probably too late to tell you to drink a huge glass of alkaline water before finally hitting the sack, so we’re going to start with breakfast.

Some people swear by a fried breakfast, with bacon, hash browns, eggs and whatever else you can cook while swaying ruefully by the stove, one eye still glued shut with the contact lens you forgot to remove and your head feeling as though the party’s still going on inside it.

However, although it may be comforting on some levels, it won’t help much towards alleviating your symptoms; and the fat and starchy carbs could in fact make you feel worse.

Three things you need after a night of drinking are:

• Alkaline water
• Magnesium
• Potassium

Alkaline Water All Day!

Alkaline water is a given. It hydrates you faster than regular water, and your body will really need that.

Magnesium is what your body craves to relieve any mild cramping and feelings of anxiety, as well as an irregular heartbeat, which can be a sign of deficiency. One cup of cooked beans will provide you with around one quarter of the amount of magnesium your body needs throughout the day.

You’ll also need potassium, which drinking too much depletes from your body. A dip in healthy potassium levels can contribute to feeling dizzy and weak. Avocado and dried apricots are fab fixes, and the apricot will help boost your blood sugar levels too, which will have been affected by the onslaught of booze.

Breakfast to Beat That Hangover!

Based on all that, here’s your go-to, hangover-busting breakfast!


Drink: Alkaline water, one glass immediately upon waking, and keep sipping throughout the morning

Eat: Granola with dried apricots and sliced banana (more magnesium and potassium here), served with coconut milk (an all-round good guy ingredient)

Prepared/canned beans with diced avocado, mixed with fresh cilantro and whatever dressing you like, topped with a poached egg if you feel up to it.

Tips to Remember Next New Year’s Eve!

Our final tip is to print off this blog, and stick to your fridge for New Year’s Day 2017, so you can remember to drink enough alkaline water to stave off a hangover in the first place, or at least go grocery shopping beforehand and stock up on avocados, apricots and bananas!

For more on our ionizers and which one will suit your needs the most, check out this link and enjoy cool, fresh alkaline water every day.

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