30% Off Water Ionizer SALE! New Year’s Super Savings Spectacular!

A new year means new beginnings and makes the perfect time to form new habits. Why not take your health and lifestyle to new heights in 2016 with a Tyent water ionizer?

The sky is the limit with a Tyent water ionizer in 2016!
The sky is the limit with a Tyent water ionizer in 2016!

To celebrate the New Year, Tyent has priced all water ionizers at 30% off their regular retail price. The spectacular savings amount to over $1,000 off each of Tyent’s award-winning water ionizers!

Just use the promocode BestDeal on the Tyent website to cash in on this amazing deal.

Consider the Savings!

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Whether you fancy an under the counter water ionizer or a countertop model, Tyent is extending the New Year’s cheer to you. The class-leading UCE-11 Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer is marked down by a stunning $1,500! And its cousin, the MMP-11 Turbo Water Ionizer, matches with a $1,500 price cut of its own!

This truly is the BestDeal ever offered by Tyent, and the savings aren’t the only spectacular thing being offered.

Free Gifts Included!

To further sweeten the pot, Tyent is giving away a free gift basket full of accessories and perks to all new water ionizer owners. The gift basket includes:

A Free GoodLife Water Bottle
A Free Tyent Shower Filter
A Free Lifestyle Kit
A Free Water Test Kit
A Free Upgrade to Ultra Filters and
A Free Upgrade to Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates

All said that’s another $400 in free stuff. In total, that’s nearly $2,000 in savings just for being a loyal customer and using the promocode BestDeal at checkout.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

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Just like the New Year’s celebrations, this spectacular deal won’t last forever. The promocode BestDeal expires this weekend, so get on over to Tyent and select your new water ionizer ASAP.
Raise a glass of Tyent alkaline water and drink to your health this year. Good luck with your resolutions and…

Cheers to 2016!

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