Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Reverse Osmosis Water

May I begin by laying my cards on the table? I think there are times that Reverse Osmosis systems are a good idea. Reverse osmosis has been used to hydrate troops by the U.S. military; it has spelled the difference between life or death for people in famine, flood or war-torn countries during relief efforts; and when camping or traveling in an area with parasite-infested water, or high levels of contaminants, an RO system is a good thing.

"They took the good stuff out?"
“They took the good stuff out?”

There’s A ‘But’, Right?

Right. Here it is. But do I think we should all be drinking Reverse Osmosis water on a regular basis? Not one bit. No way. Here’s why:

1. RO systems push water through tiny pore-like holes. It is filtered to remove any unpleasant or downright dangerous elements from the water. However, the filters aren’t smart enough to only filter out the bad stuff. In the process, beneficial minerals are also removed, which means that you’re drinking demineralized water. Our bodies need minerals. Drinking water that has been stripped of these vital elements can be positively hazardous to your health.

2. How about using RO water for cooking? The news here was a real shock to me. Cooking food in demineralized Reverse Osmosis water means that essential goodness in your food is lost. Magnesium, calcium and other beneficial and essential elements are reduced between 60% and 86%.

3. Reverse Osmosis water doesn’t contain minerals. Therefore, when you consume it, it actually ‘takes’ available minerals from your body. RO water is unstable, and seeks to stabilize itself once consumed, by literally leaching trace minerals from your bones, and teeth. And where do those minerals taken from your body go? They leave your body during urination, along with the RO water.

4. Following research which considered the relative merits of dozens of studies into demineralized water; in 2004, the World Health Organization (WHO) concluded that water should contain trace minerals in order to ensure good health. The WHO went as far releasing a statement which read that Reverse Osmosis water “has a definite adverse influence on the animal and human organism.” For the WHO report on Health Risks From Drinking Demineralized Water, see here.

So in conclusion, Reverse Osmosis Systems might be great for providing temporary, emergency drinking water; but who wants to deprive their bodies of vital minerals by drinking RO water on a regular basis?

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Ionized Water – More Mineral Goodness

By drinking alkaline water from one of our ionizers, you know that you’re drinking the best, mineral-rich water for your body. Tyent Ultra filters remove up to 100% of heavy metals and contaminants, without stripping the water of all of the good stuff.

And here’s another great fact; the body actually absorbs freshly ionized minerals more effectively than with non-ionized water. How’s that for good news?

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