Don’t Get Suckered In The Sales! How to Buy a Water Ionizer That’s REALLY a Bargain!

After Christmas, my friend “Dan” called me up to say that he was SO excited about buying a water ionizer.

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Has Dan really found a bargain water ionizer?

Now despite Dan being a pretty sensible kind of guy, he was feeling the pinch from Christmas and wanted my opinion on this crazy-cheap water ionizer that he recently spotted online.

Too Cheap? Don’t Ignore Those Alarm Bells!

It’s no secret that we all love to shop around for a bargain.

But a decent sale is all about getting something great, for a smaller price than usual.

Just buying something that’s cheap and much less money than anything else in its product group, should set off alarm bells ringing louder than they did back on Christmas morning.

What Dan didn’t know is that there is a big problem with those crazy-cheap water ionizers and potentially, a harmful one.

These water ionizers are usually made in China or Taiwan and are slipping into America unseen by an increasingly overextended FDA.

Here’s a shocking fact: less than 2% of overseas imports are inspected by FDA officials. Is this cause for concern?

Risky Business?

But why is a cheap water ionizer from China or Taiwan a problem?

Well, it’s not just the loose wires or their thin, breakable casing.

Cheap water ionizers are a problem because of lead, that insidious and toxic element present in an alarming number of items shipped from those countries. Lead is tasteless, invisible, fragrance-free…and deadly.

“Well phew!” said Dan. He was relieved to learn that he wasn’t about to buy a water ionizer – to reduce the potential contaminants his kids drank in tap water – that actually contained lead itself. 

You see, the bargain-basement water ionizer that Dan was itching to purchase ending up having a ‘lead-free’ sticker slapped on the side.

Hold That ‘Phew!’…

Well, that ‘phew’ is a little premature, Dan.

You see, counterfeit lead-free certification is a whole other business for enterprising exporters in China and Taiwan.

Nothing like a false sense of security for good business!

How to Get a Genuine Water Ionizer Bargain!

But don’t be downbeat if you’re looking for a water ionizer at a really good price during our New Year sales.

We have some of our most competitive prices ever right now – why not grab one of the Best Water Ionizers in The World for a fantastic price?

“Forever” Guarantee

With a Lifetime Guarantee and brilliant financing terms, it’s easy to make 2019 your healthiest yet with the benefits of alkaline water!

Grab your FREE Water Report and chat with our friendly team at about the best water ionizer machine for you!

And you won’t be surprised to learn that’s exactly what Dan ended up doing!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Get Suckered In The Sales! How to Buy a Water Ionizer That’s REALLY a Bargain!

  1. I think your water ionizers are worth the hefty price tag. I mean, you’re paying for quality and health. Might as well go all out, right?

    1. Hi, Brandon. Thanks for your comment! We agree that a high-quality water ionizer is definitely a good long-term investment everyone should make for the sake of their health.

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