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Fresh, clean laundry makes me happy.  Gathering it from the line outside, or pulling it from the dryer feels great.  I’ll happily outsource most household chores given half the chance, but the laundry I keep for myself.

An Orb-Round Good Guy!
An Orb-Round Good Guy!

Wash Day Blues?

So given this love affair with clean laundry, I was pretty horrified to realize that so many of the products we use to make our clothes and bedding feel wonderful are actually really, really bad for us.

This report shines an unflinching light on the less appealing side of all of those laundry ads. Formaldehyde, methanol and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate are common ingredients, and chemicals that we should be trying to avoid at all costs, never mind adding them to the very clothes that we wear.  The Environmental Working Group have an excellent rating system for cleaning products on the market at the moment, although you might well want to read the data on your favorite products through your fingers!

Why We Need to Ditch the Detergents

Why?  Well, we’re not just talking about the odd rash or even our clothes deteriorating faster than they should; the dangers linked to products that millions of us slosh around with relative abandon are alarming.  The list includes:

  • Cancer
  • Respiratory problems
  • Damage to DNA
  • Eye irritations.

Scary, right?  And that’s not even touching on the catastrophic effect on the environment that these chemicals cause.

But we all love a pile of fluffy, fragrant towels, don’t we?  A closet filled with fresh-smelling, soft clothes is always a joy to open.

Introducing the Tyent Orb!

Tyent has the solution that means you don’t have to compromise on softness, fragrance or cleanliness.  The all-natural, chemical-free Orb is a stain remover, detergent and fabric softener in one handy little sphere.

Suitable for use in front-load washing machines only, the Orb works better than all of your previous products, but how?  Well, it contains ceramic beads, which tweak the pH of your water to break down protein and oil-based residues.  With a natural anti-bacterial action; the Orb uses lemon and seaweed extract to leave up to 500 loads of washing softer and fresher than ever before.

Planet Orb-it

It’s planet friendly too.  By using the refillable Orb instead of regular detergent, your washer uses far less water to clean your clothes.  Beautifully gentle on sensitive skin, even babies’ clothes can be washed with the Orb.

The Orb does this without chemicals or harming the planet.
The Orb does this without chemicals or harming the planet.

There’s no catch; the Orb is economical – costing less than washing with detergent and fabric softener – and your eco-conscious can be as clean as your clothes.

We Want to Hear from You! 

Do you love laundry day?  Any neat folding tricks you want to share?  Get in touch and let us know!

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