Alkaline Water and Pregnancy

Posted by: tyent On October 4, 2013 2:42 pm


Alkaline Water and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be an exciting and scary time! From the moment the pregnancy test turns positive, there comes a whole new set of emotions and questions, including what is and isn’t safe for you and your baby. It’s pretty common knowledge to stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and shellfish, but what about alkaline water? Can you continue to drink it while pregnant?

Alkaline Water and Pregnancy -

According to scientist, inventor, author and promoter of alkaline water Sang Whang, “When a woman gets pregnant, she loses quite a bit of alkaline minerals to the fetus. . . . In the early stage of the pregnancy, [the] mother’s body loses alkaline minerals to the placenta to make sure that the …

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Can Alkaline Water Help With Constipation?

Posted by: tyent On April 23, 2013 3:17 pm


Have you been feeling a bit “backed up” lately? Almost everyone has experienced constipation in their life. Going on the assumption that you already know what constipation is, let’s discuss some of the causes.

Can alkaline water help with constipation? -

Why Are You Constipated?

  • You don’t drink enough water.
  • You’re not getting enough fiber in your diet.
  • You’re not getting enough exercise.
  • You’re taking a medication that causes constipation.
  • You drink too much soda, caffeine or alcohol, which all cause dehydration.
  • You eat too much red meat, dairy or processed food.

How Do You Get Things Moving Again?

There are many ways to help relieve constipation, some of which do not sound too pleasant. These remedies include the following:

  • Laxatives
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