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Tyent Sports Videos

Tampa Bay Rays:
Michael McKenry
Scores a Homerun with Tyent

The Tampa Bay Rays are known for their home runs, and they sure hit a home run when they picked up the rock star catcher, Michael McKenry. Find out what gives McKenry his winning energy in this awesome video.

Tom Brady's Secret and Drew Bree's Secret Drink - News Leak

What do Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Tim Tebow have in common? Yes, they are all quarterbacks, but there is 1 secret that they all use, and it’s a real eye-opener. Check out this video, which will reveal everything.

Pro-Athletes and Serious Contenders like Rashad Evans are BOOSTING their performance with Tyent Water. Find out HOW!

First, who exactly is Rashad "SUGA" Evans?

Former UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion... Check!
Season 2 Ultimate Fighter Winner... Check!
3 time UFC Fight of the Night Winner... Check!
2X time UFC Knockout of the Night Winner... Check!

Rashad's secret to being a UFC Champ is drinking Tyent Water and learning to REFUSE THE TAP! Learn more about how Tyent Water benefits his performance levels, hydration and recovery by visiting http://tyentusa.com/mma!

Pro athletes in the NFL like Shareece Wright are BOOSTING their performance with Tyent Water. Find out HOW!

"After drinking Tyent Water, the soreness is not there anymore!"

Shareece explains how Tyent Water has changed his life and amped up his performance in the NFL.

Pro-Athletes and Serious Contenders like Michael Johnson are BOOSTING their performance with Tyent Water. Find out HOW!

Michael Johnson is a UFC Champ and is drinking Tyent Water and learning to REFUSE THE TAP! Learn more about how Tyent Water benefits his performance levels, hydration and why Tyent Water is "his drink every day, all day!"

Alkaline Water and Cancer…
Tyent is the
Only Ionizer for…

Tyent water ionizers are the top water ionizer of choice for the Oasis of Hope Cancer Center. See more testimonials here.

Fitness Experts PREFER Alkaline Water!

Check out how this high-profile gym called Willowbend Fitness integrated Tyent Ionized, Alkaline Water to help improve the hydration of their members!

Nate Schierholtz of the Chicago Cubs loves Tyent Water!

Nate Schierholtz plays 162 games per year and works out every day. Tyent Water helps him keep up his game with better sleep, more hydration, higher energy levels and MAXIMUM focus!

Tyent Water is a NECESSITY in this HOT Yoga studio!

Colleen Bourgeois is a professional yoga instructor in La Jolla, California. In her practice, she heats the room to 105 degrees! Watch and learn how "nothing has been more important in [her] life than Tyent Water!"

The Ribeiro Brothers, World Champions and Hall of Famers in Jiu-Jitsu, love their Tyent Water!

Saulo and Xandre Ribeiro have been practicing the arts of Jiu-Jitsu for decades! They are both World Champions and Hall of Famers in the sport and are now teaching others online and out of their studio in San Diego. Check out this video to learn how hydration plays a key role in their success when training and competing!

Kamaru Usman, the "Nigerian Nightmare, is a world-class UFC Fighter with the help of Tyent Water!

Kamaru Usman calls himself an "addict of competition". His hard work and determination helped him to win Season 21 of The Ultimate Fighter. What also helps? Proper nutrition and hydration. In fact, Kamaru will go as far as to tell you that, "every time [he] steps into a cage, [he] knows that hydration is never going to be a problem because [his] body is fueled with Tyent Water."

How does one get the nickname Killa? UFC Fighter, Abel Trujillo, earned the nickname. Check out this video to learn how!

"Once I started drinking Tyent Water, I noticed an immediate difference!" Abel Trujillo has been with the UFC for over 5 years and has been up against some of the greatest fighters in the world. By living a healthy, vegan lifestyle and drinking Tyent Water, Abel is able to workout harder and longer to continue improving his game in preparation for the next fight!

Get Ripped with Tyent Alkaline Water!

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the before and after photos in this video. Ken Jackson is the ultimate body builder and trainer. With his help combined with the help of Tyent Water…amazing results are inevitable.

Here is a list of some of Ken Jackson’s big wins:

- 1st 2011 IFBB North American Championships
- 1st 2008 NPC Junior National Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Championships
- 3rd 2015 IFBB Europa Phoenix
- 5th 2015 IFBB Dayana Cadeau Pro
- 4th 2010 NPC National Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Championships

Watch now and see why Tyent Water is a true game changer.

Pro Golfers Rejoice!

Golfing may look simple to those who don’t play. However, if you’re a pro or semi-pro golfer, then you know that it’s a lot more physically challenging than it looks.

Check out this awesome video where Pro Golfer, Russell Surber, gives you his key golf tips.

Greg Jones – UFC Celebrity Trainer Tells All!

Watch how Greg Jones gets his athletes in top shape and prepared to win. He shares his top tips here in this inspiring video. Greg’s plan for getting UFC and MMA athletes in peak performance is no small feat. It consists of top notch regimens and covers everything from what to eat, what to drink and how many reps to do. You have to see it to believe it…watch now!