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Tyent Luxury Under Counter Water Ionizer
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EDGE-9 Turbo On Sale

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2024 Model 9-plate Above-Counter Ionizer

  • 2.5-11.5 pH Range*
  • Up to -875 ORP*
  • Up to 1.5+ ppm Molecular Hydrogen*
  • Turbo Boost
  • *Results Dependent on Source Water Conditions
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ACE-13 on Kitchen Counter
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Tyent Ace-13 Intelligence and Convenience

Convenient ONE TOUCH System

One Touch System ACE-13 by TyentUSA
ONE TOUCH Controls

Each function has distinct icons,
and you can start or stop the
desired water with one touch.

One Touch System ACE-13 by TyentUSA
Special operation, JOG DIAL

Easy operation with simple rotation and click action, and the LED changes colors during outflow to clearly indicate function.

Touch Screen Colors

The backlight color of each outflow level matches the colorimetric paper of pH test strips.
The backlight color will clearly indicate pH level, preventing the drinking of acidic water.
  • pro_06 Alkaline level 3
  • pro_07 Alkaline level 2
  • pro_08 Alkaline level 1
  • pro_09 Purify water
  • pro_11 Acidic level 1
  • pro_10 Acidic level 2
  • pro_12 TURBO water

Drink Size Presets

You can preset fixed amounts of water from your every day use
such as 0.5L, 1.0L, and 1.5L via the Fixed Quantity Discharge Function.


Convenient Function


Real time Filter Usage Indicator


Sustainability with ECO Mode


Automatic Electrolysis Tank
Cleaning Function



Clean your home naturally without harmful chemicals or food safety concerns. The electrolytic technology of pure water without additives produces natural, cleansing, disinfecting water.

Antibacterial and Disinfection power 99.9% (KTL Exam certified)

pH Usage
Alkaline Turbo pH 10 ~ 12 Cleaning, disinfection
Acidic Turbo pH 3.5 ~ 2.5 disinfection
※ CAUTION : Turbo is not for drinking.

SMART safety Diagnosis function

  • icon_05

    Automatic Stop Function
    Water outflow will stop to prevent overflow or flooding. there is no need to wait if the unit automatically shuts off. You can resume its use immediately.

  • icon_06

    Temperature sensor
    This unit is equipped with a temperature sensor which prevents the accidental inflow of hot water.

  • icon_07

    Sensing function of supplied raw water
    The outflow of functional water stops automatically when raw water is not supplied, preventing the electrolytic cell and power supply unit from being damaged due to current overflow, water from being wasted, and accidental water leaks.

  • icon_08

    Detects if filter door is open
    When door is open, the water supply will be suspended for your safety.

Tyent Ace-13 Features

LCD Display and Touch Pad Overview

No Name No Name No Name
01 Turbo water 08 Time 15 Fixed quantity discharge
02 Acidic Level 2 09 pH 16 System set up
03 Acidic Level 1 10 Water flow 17 Manual Cleaning
04 Purified water 11 Voltage/Flow/Time 18 Voice On/Off
05 Alkaline water 1 12 Remaining time 19 1st Filter indicator & reset
06 Alkaline water 2 13 Door open 20 2nd Filter indicator & reset
07 Alkaline water 3 14 Temperature error


  • pro_20

    Rich in healthy minerals to help dissolution of nutrients which speeds up metabolism and provides excellent heat conductivity.

    Removes odor from your water and improves taste. Fine artificial film filters out contaminated materials including ordinary bacteria while maintaining essential minerals in the water.

    Removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and compounds like agrichemicals, detergents, large suspended matter like rust, sediments, and other volatile organic compounds efficiently via activated absorption method.

Easy to manage Front-load filters

Open and close type door & simple filter replacement system (Patent 10-0831027)

  • pro_21
  • pro_22

Payments as low as $25/mo!

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