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Tyent USA’s

Founder and President, Joe Boccuti, began researching alkaline water while doing seminars to help people stop smoking and lose weight. He used techniques such as neuro linguistic programming (a proven method used by Tony Robbins) and clinical hypnosis to help his clients’ kick bad habits and trim down. Although Joe’s hypnotherapy success rates were above average, he still wanted to offer a supplementary wellness product to his clients.

Joe’s motivation steered him toward the health benefits of alkaline ionized water. He was instantly intrigued by the amazing results alkaline water was having on people’s health and needed to get involved right away. His goal became to design the best ionizer for our unique water sources throughout the USA. After a full year of development by a group of engineers, water experts and scientists, the first custom-built water ionizer—modified specifically for the unique source waters throughout America, was introduced. And that’s how the Tyent Brand was born!

More about Joe, the Funny Guy Joe

Joe was approached by Donald Trump’s team of entertainment gurus in 2008 to be the headlining performer in what became the critically acclaimed “Hypnosterical”. Hypnosterical was an instant hit by the media and casino-goers alike. Hypnosterical went on to become one of the top sold-out shows at Atlantic City’s Trump Marina.

Joe is a unique guy, and has mastered the art of wellness through non-traditional, holistic methods. While Joe still participates in traditional philanthropy projects such as Tyent’s Glass of Hope, Joe goes a step further and inspires people to combine the 3 most fundamental keys to wellness:

  • 1Create a strong mind through relaxation and meditation methods
  • 2Develop a healthy body through alkaline water
  • 3Feed the soul with laughter and fun

Meet a Few Tyent Employees

Lisa Boccuti
Lisa Boccuti Sales and Marketing Director

“As Joe’s sister, I have to say all good things, right? Well, since I don’t believe that, I am going to be as honest as possible. Joe is a great brother and sometimes a real pain (for those with siblings, you know what I mean). Let’s put it this way, we don’t always agree on every detail when it comes to Tyent, and the funny thing is that it has worked in our favor. It’s comical to me, but on some ideas that he is hesitant about, I think my excitement and persistence eventually wears him down until he says, “okay, we’ll try it.” It makes me laugh, but I really love it when my zany ideas somehow seem to work! It’s awesome! What drives me crazy about Joe is he sometimes (only once in a while) comes up with a better idea than me, or takes my idea and makes it better, and then we laugh…but what are brothers for, right?

Overall, Joe is the best person to go to for advice. All kidding aside, he is one of the kindest people I know…always looking out for his family and friends. He reminds me of a dog rescuer, but for people, if that makes sense. He always seems to “rescue” people who have lost their way, whether it is into his home or into his company.

I know that may sound scary, but the reality is that Joe gives his employees the chance to find their way and to shine. Here are a few examples. Our blogger, Nina was a medical transcriptionist for a doctor’s office. To sum it up, she was bored and wasn’t getting enough hours. When she came to Tyent, she was given a chance to explore her love of writing, and now she is doing what she loves, and we love having her on board. Nick is another example. He began working at Tyent in our financial division. Although he was good at his job, he was uninspired, so Joe worked closely with him to help him find his passion. Now Nick is our Team Leader in our Dealer Training Department, and he loves it. Plus, our dealers love the rewards they find from working with Nick.

I was working for a big corporation, and even though I won several performance awards, I still felt like a random number, instead of a person. When I began at Tyent, it felt really good to be such a large part of a company with people who truly care about what they do and helping people maintain better health.

Overall, Tyent is not your typical company and Joe is not your typical boss, but we are a happy group with a common goal…let’s remain inspired each day to make our customers the happiest and healthiest customers around. That may not be Tyent’s slogan, but maybe it should be, hmmm…I’ll have to tell Joe!”

Jim Roberts
Jim Roberts Head of Research and Development, USA

“My name is Jim Roberts, and I have been working at Tyent since its infancy. I came to Tyent after being laid off due to a factory closure. I did 25 years of service in my management career in the factory before the closure.

I met Joe Boccuti through my daughter who introduced us while I was on un-employment. I was very impressed with his enthusiasm about ionized water and building a company from the ground up. I also had started a business, but unfortunately it failed. Joe offered me a position in the sales department, which I excelled with the help of Joe’s leadership. From there, I moved into Technical Services and started to manage the Repair Department and Research and Development Program. Joe allowed me to excel in this field, which I studied and learned all I could about the ionizers and their capabilities. I have never in the past 25 years of manufacturing experience worked for a better boss. Working at Tyent is like working for family, it is that kind of environment. Joe gives everyone who works at Tyent enough freedom to grow and advance to their highest potential, supporting and guiding them in every step. My goal is to retire one day and continue to work at Tyent!”

Michele Steffney
Michele Steffney Distribution Manager

“Before I worked at Tyent, I worked in a few different fields, mainly the health field. Plus I ran my own business. One of my favorite jobs was working with the elderly. It felt good to be able to help them in any way I could to make them as comfortable and happy as possible.
After I discovered alkaline water, I embraced the concept…especially seeing how it helped improve the health and the lives of so many people.
While I enjoyed working for some of the other companies before Tyent, it was often difficult to balance my home life because of very strict scheduling procedures. I am a single mom, and with other companies it was really hard when something unpredictable happened, like a flat tire or taking my son to an appointment.
The owner of Tyent has a “Family First” rule set in place that helps make my life easier when a random event occurs. The Family First rule is simple and promotes that all Tyent employees are trained in at least two departments so that there is always a qualified person available to step in when something happens. It’s just a really great place to work. It seems that when you help others that good things follow.”

Mark Cijo
Mark Cijo Digital Strategist

“I am so proud to be a part of a dynamic & fast growing company driven by great values & culture. What I like the most here is the team.

Joe, our Founder and President is a great inspiration. We think alike and have a common ground when it comes to everything digital. More than being a boss, he is my best friend at Tyent and always open to try new marketing strategies.

The whole team at Tyent is the best team I ever worked with. We all work together as a team in shaping the best user experience for our client. Together we aim at one goal - Water for Wellness.  ”

Nick Sangillo
Nick Sangillo Dealer Training Manager

"The most rewarding aspect of my job, is when I help a new authorized dealers reach their real life goals. I have to say in the 8 years I have been doing this, I have personally seen dozens of people leave their previous jobs and other careers that made them unhappy, to live a financially rewarding and a morally rewarding career as a Tyent authorized dealer. Having an owner who invests so much time and resources on a single department is also a blessing. Joe gives me the ability to make sure we have the most well-trained and educated dealers of any industry...and that is a rare thing."

Gerry Boccuti
Gerry Boccuti Sales Consultant

“Nothing is more exciting to me than being able to talk to customers about all of the benefits of ionized water. I love listening to all of their different stories, sharing my own, and being able to get them excited about starting the next healthy chapter in their lives. I also love sharing all of the features I love about my own Tyent unit, especially the option to adjust the pH to my source water.

When you work with great people, who all truly have a passion for what they do, it doesn't feel like work at all.”

Natalie Collins
Natalie Collins Accounting Specialist

“I have to admit that I was nervous about leaving my other job to work at Tyent. I have my degree in accounting but never worked in the accounting field, so I was nervous to start at a new company. When I started at Tyent, the manager made sure that my co-worker, Suchita, was there to help me ramp up and feel comfortable until I got used to Tyent’s systems. Now I am an expert in what I do and it’s all because of the warm atmosphere at Tyent. This is the best place I ever worked.”

Matthew Schmidt
Matthew Schmidt Sales Manager

"An interesting thing I noticed during my first few days with Tyent USA was the friendly, genuine approach to helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I am pleased to say this observation holds true to this very day. Tyent USA makes customer service and people's well being their top priority. Thanks to the incredible customers I have the pleasure of interacting with on a daily basis, and the kindhearted staff I greatly enjoy working with, I am happy and proud to be part of the Tyent USA team. Be well and stay hydrated!”

Lori Marshall
Lori Marshall Customer Relations Support

“After working in the banking industry for 16 years, I was nervous about working in another field. Tyent welcomed me with open arms and taught me so much. I have learned several benefits of good quality water and what a difference it can make in your general health. It is a great place to work with friendly great people. It has made me more focused on my own health. Tyent is by far the best place I have ever worked.”

Arjun S Kumar
Arjun S. Kumar Web Engineer

"Trying to combine two of my interests – Web Development and Health – this is what I do at Tyent.

Sounds perfect for me! The journey with Tyent is exciting; it is easy and fun working at Tyent with Joe and Lisa. I can say it was stirring to see a group of people working towards a common goal, to improve the health of the population by providing them the best. ”

Lauren Talvacchio
Lauren Talvacchio Customer Service Representative

“I feel extremely fortunate to be working for a company like Tyent USA! As an Actor/Singer/Dancer, a steady income is not easily attainable. This job is not only local to my home, but the flexible scheduling is a perfect fit for me! The fact that I love the people I work with/for is also an added bonus! 
Tyent employees are so versatile in the fact that we are all trained in multiple departments which leaves our customers feeling satisfied, and more importantly, like part of the family! 

In addition, Alkaline water is my hero! I have been living with Crohn's Disease since 2005, and throughout the years struggled with heavy medications, and multiple set backs. Drinking the water has lead me into remission! As an advocate for the chronic illness, it would be a disservice to those trying to improve their quality of life for me to not promote Tyent Alkaline Water! 

Frankie Collins
Frankie Collins Customer Service Representative

“Working at Tyent part-time has been great for me while I’m in college. I have a flexible schedule, and every one is so nice and helpful. I love being able to get real world experience at my age, and hope to be as passionate about my career when I graduate as my Tyent co-workers are about theirs.

Plus, the free alkaline water at work is just the best water I ever tasted…it’s so fresh-tasting!”

Nicole McCaffery
Nicole McCaffery Distribution Manager

“Working at Tyent USA has been life changing for me. I started with the company 3 1/2 years ago. I also have my real estate license and with the market conditions, I wanted to have more of a steady income. I found this job locally to my home and have been here ever since.

I enjoy speaking with our customers and dealers. Tyent USA prides themselves with excellent customer service.....I am glad to be a part of that. I like learning, educating and understanding each customer’s needs.

In addition to this, drinking alkaline water was the best decision I made for my health. I am an asthmatic have a low immune system and suffer from allergies. Alkaline and Acidic water has changed my way of life for the better. I beat every flu and virus that comes around, my allergies are less effective and the extra hydration helps my work outs to quench my thirst and keep me going.”

Harvey Lanot
Harvey Lanot Graphic Designer

“From my first interaction with Joe and his team, I realized that the people at Tyent was fully committed to offering the highest level of service to its customers and delivering the best type of product in the industry.

Since joining, I've had the opportunity to participate in several exciting projects. Finally, Tyent's active-work-environment provides a truly motivating workplace for me. Everyday I learn something new!”

Paul Abraham
Paul Abraham Inbound Specialist

“I love working with a diverse group of people that are generous in sharing their skills and knowledge of the industry. There is a great team spirit across all territories and employees understand their role well. I am proud to be associated with such energetic people.”

Anthony Carino
Anthony Boccuti Customer Service Representative

“Working at Tyent USA is a great experience. It’s been a big part of my life for the past year, and I’m lucky to be working for such a great company.  Tyent USA has opened up a lot of doors for me, as well as many of my coworkers.  It’s been putting hard earned money into my pocket, which I greatly appreciate. It’s also opened my mind up and I’ve learned more people skills.  Just as important, I’ve learned much about business and how make your business flow smoothly.  All in all, Tyent has done wonders for me and I’m not sure where I’d be without this company. ”

James Fort
James Fort Technical Support Specialist

I love working for a company which is a leader in the ionizer industry.  Engaging with customers every day really makes my position very enjoyable.  It's great working for a company that truly cares about it's customers.
I hear stories every day of how alkaline water has changed peoples lives.  To some, Tyent water is nothing short of a miracle.  Extra hydration and antioxidant properties, how can you go wrong?

Edan Cohen
Edan Cohen Director of Media Production

“Working at Tyent is great because it enables me to combine two of my interests: video production and healthy living into one fantastic job. My colleagues are great people and together we create a fun, relaxed working environment. And, having access to endless amounts of free ionized alkaline water makes Tyent the healthiest work environment around!”

Nina Steffney
Nina Steffney Marketing Specialist

“I feel very lucky to work for Tyent. Everyone at Tyent is awesome and they truly feel like family. I think it’s wonderful to work for a company that I believe in. Tyent really stands behind their products. It makes me feel good to work for a company that wants to improve the health and quality of life of their customers. From a personal level, I enjoy the work that I do for the company. I love writing new and interesting content that keeps our readers engaged and informed about ionized alkaline water. I could not have asked for a better crew to work with and to work for.”

Joe Boccuti
Joe Boccuti Founder and President

“I read what some of the Tyent Team said above and I was pleasantly surprised at how giving them $100.00 each could make them say such nice things about me. Just kidding, but I am really happy to hear that everyone enjoys working here. The culture at Tyent is one of fun and focus. The entire team is dedicated to our customers’ happiness, and we have found a way to have fun doing it. The team really cares about you and I think you will feel that from the very beginning. We are focused mostly on what happens after you buy to ensure that your happiness with our products continues. Tyent was built on referrals from people just like you. Tell us how to make you happy and the Tyent Team will happily rise to the occasion.”

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About Tyent Water Ionization Systems

Tyent USA, LLC is focused on creating the finest water ionization systems in the world.

Tyent products have been helping people for over 15 years and we continue to spend countless hours on research and development.

We strive to ensure that all of our products are utilizing the latest technologies available.


Our ISO approved factory in Korea follows strict quality control standards and every machine is tested by hand before it leaves the factory.

Our goal is to continue to bring people across the world the finest and healthiest water ever created. Feedback from our customers is of great value to us because it allows us to know how we can continue to improve our products for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Roger Daltrey

Founder and Lead Singer of the rock band "The Who"

"I, now, take a Tyent water purifier on the road with me."

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