The Tyent Alkaline Ionizer Water Company Makes a Great Machine that Produces Great Water (Updated!)

Last week we spent a few days looking at another company in the water ionization business and gave a little insight into Kangen WaterThe two main drawbacks to Kangen Water (among others) were the high price of their machines and the fact that you had to add the dangerous chemical Sodium Hypochlorite to the water to alter the pH level.  

Tyent ionizers don't add chemicals to your water.
Tyent ionizers don’t add chemicals to your water.

We then briefly looked at Tyent machines but didn’t have the time to really tout all the benefits of owning a Tyent ionized alkaline water machine, so today, we’ll pick it up from there.  

No Added Chemicals

With a Tyent machine you never need to introduce potentially harmful chemicals into already chemical-laden water.  The very idea seems counter productive and possibly dangerous.  No, with a Tyent water ionizer, dangerous chemicals are removed or drastically reduced to safe levels by our superior Dual Filtration System.  

Here are 5 Good Reasons to Buy Your Water Ionizer from Tyent  

  • Tyent water ionizers create safe and healthy water without the addition of chemicals 
  • Tyent’s ionization process creates hydrogen rich water that hydrates you more effectively 
  • Tyent water is rich in healthy free-radical fighting antioxidants 
  • Tyent water ionizers have helped countless people with a variety of skin disorders 
  • Tyent water flushes the body’s organs of toxins and fat cells

We’re always receiving questions from curious people that have heard all the good news about Tyent alkaline water and would like to learn more. So let’s take a question:

Does Ionized Alkaline Water Cause Nausea?  

That is an interesting question.  I would be willing to wager that anything consumed in abundance could cause nausea.

Take your favorite food or dessert; have you ever exclaimed, “Man I ate so much I feel like I could…?”  We all have felt that way at some point in our lives and drinking too much water is no exception from that feeling.  

In and of itself, of course the answer is an emphatic no, Tyent ionized alkaline water does not cause nausea unless you just drink so much of it you get sick. 

Which brings up another point – Tyent alkaline water is ultra hydrating. So you can actually drink less water (than if you were drinking conventional water) in order to quench your thirst and re-hydrate your body.

Fitness woman drinking water after running at park

Of course there are plenty more benefits to drinking Tyent Water.  There are tons of testimonials from everyday people who rave about how much better they feel because of their Tyent alkaline water ionizer.

Pure water and healthy benefits are what you get from a Tyent machine.  The only way you might feel a little sick is if you were to buy a water ionizer from another company then realize you should have gotten a Tyent machine. Don’t let that happen to you! Call us at  and we’ll help you decide which of our ionizers are right for your home.

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