The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company – Certified Great! (Version 2)

Any company can claim to be a good one.  In truth, a company wouldn’t survive very long if it claimed otherwise.  However, claiming to be good and being good are two separate issues.

To Claim to be a Good Company is One Thing…to Prove that Claim is Another
To claim to be a good company is one thing…to prove that claim is another

Often times, when one begins to look into those company claims, what appeared to look good at the onset doesn’t look so good once you begin to delve a little deeper.  Not so with Tyent.

At Tyent USA we claim to be a good company.  Scratch that.  We claim to be an excellent company.  That is a fearless statement and one which we take very seriously.  There is an old adage that states, “It ain’t braggin’ if you can do it”.  At Tyent, we proudly back up our claim of greatness and offer indisputable evidence to support it.

 We have scores of heartfelt testimonials on file given by happy Tyent Customers along with a wall of certifications from the most important consumer watchdog groups that monitor businesses, the products they sell, the claims they make, and their overall practices.

What Types of Certificates Does Tyent Have?

Let me reword that question.  Correctly, it should read, “What type of certifications has Tyent earned?” The answer is many.

You can’t just go out and buy these certifications or order them online and post them on your website.  These are earned by adhering to or exceeding industry standards for their respective certifications.

certificate-imageBelow is an impressive list of the certifications which Tyent USA holds. 

CE – The CE insignia is a mandatory conformity mark on many consumer products. The CE marking certifies that a product has met consumer safety, health or environmental requirements.

Other Certifications Include

  • Total Microorganism 
  • Korea Food & Drug Administration
  • Korea Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Korea Water Purifier Industry Cooperative
  • Korean Intellectual Property Office
  • CB Scheme for Electrical Equipment
  • Good Design
  • UL Collaborative Standards Development System
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Rating
  • ANSI Accredited Certification Program
  • Independent Electrical Contractors
  • Innovative Business Company Limited
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Permelec Electrode Ltd.

CB – The International Electro technical Committee for Conformity Testing to Standards (IECEE) established the CB Scheme for Electrical Equipment. It is an international system for acceptance of tests. The CB Scheme – or CB Agreement – is a multilateral agreement among participant countries and certification organizations utilizing a CB Test Report issued by one of these organizations.

TUV – This mark gives evidence that the essential safety requirements of the product have been fulfilled and the production has been inspected by the impartial organization TÜV Rheinland Product Safety. The TYPE APPROVED mark shows both the manufacturer and the consumer that the product meets the required safety standards.

How do YOU determine whether a business is trustworthy? Drop us a line and let us know!

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2 thoughts on “The Tyent Alkaline Water Ionizer Company – Certified Great! (Version 2)

  1. What certifications do you have for manufacturing and quality of water from your new under the counter ionizer? e.g. ISO & GMPs and NSF (42, 53,?). Can you please provide a current copy of the certification. I am hearing all kinds of different things. Thanks,

    1. Hi Glenn,
      Thanks for your comment. Here is a list of all of our features including our certifications.


      9 or 11 platinum-titanium plates
      (electrodes) upgraded with the
      latest Solid/Mesh Hybrid
      Zero stipulations on an
      unconditional lifetime warranty
      High levels of molecular
      8 AMPS on UCE-9 and
      10 AMPS on UCE-11 Turbo,
      MMP-11 Turbo and ACE-11
      Chemical-free ionization
      Highest antioxidant production
      levels available in ionized
      alkaline water ionizers
      pH levels on 9-plate units:
      2.0 — 12.0*
      pH levels on 11-plate units:
      1.7 — 12.0*
      Highest -ORP levels* (in tests
      against competitive brands)
      SMPS Plus power supply for
      maximum ionization
      Korean Food and Drug
      Administration (KFDA) certified
      medical device
      Advanced dual-filtration
      technology with .01 micron
      filtration availability
      (same filtration found in kidney
      dialysis machines—removes
      over 200 contaminants
      including lead and chlorine)
      Certified ISO 9001 and 14001
      Fully adjustable presets with a
      minimum of 55 available pH
      settings (more on UCE models)
      – allows you to get the most
      from your source water
      Better Business Bureau
      A+ rating
      Advanced Features for the
      UCE-11 Turbo and the
      ACE-11 Turbo
      Faster flow rate than ever
      Revolutionary Tap Touch
      technology with voice guidance
      Easy Load™ filters—access
      panel is now in the front for
      easy filter changing
      Streamlined design is slim,
      smart and stunning
      Smartphone-Touch technology

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