STOP! Don’t Eat Anymore Fruits or Vegetables Until You Read This

The organic craze of the last decade was largely a rebuttal against the unsavory yet common practices of modern industrial farming. In order to maximize yield and to protect crops from pests, farms have taken to spraying their fruits and vegetables with pesticides.

Tractor spraying wheat field

Pesticides are poisons meant to kill living things and when we eat food from the grocery store, the surfaces are inevitably covered in harmful chemicals. That’s why it is important to wash all fruits and vegetables in turbo alkaline water before consumption.

Pesticides and Our Food

Pesticide Application

In theory, pesticides are supposed to be good things because they create more fruits and vegetables for humans to eat. They are also ideally not harmful to humans and only target certain species.

However, both of those ideals are not necessarily true. For decades, researches and health professionals have been concerned with the heavy use of pesticides and the potential for human health to suffer. Consider these studies and findings:

  • July 2007, UC Berkeley School of Public Health links pesticide exposure to autism in children
  • February 2009, Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry finds that children have twice the chance of getting brain cancer if their parents use pesticides around the home
  • May 2010, University of Montreal and Harvard University study says pesticides on fruits and vegetables doubles a child’s risk of ADHD

Startlingly, pesticide use is still commonplace throughout the world and even organic farms use pesticides. No matter where you buy your produce, it should be rinsed in turbo alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer before eating.

Turbo Alkaline Water Removes Harmful Pesticides

Most pesticides and herbicides used today are oil-based compounds that cling to plants through wind and rain. This also means that they remain on fruits and vegetables through harvesting, transport, and purchase. Even rinsing produce in tap water before eating won’t do the trick.

Turbo alkaline water has a higher pH than tap water which allows oil-based chemicals to be dissolved and flushed away. Try dropping a bunch of grapes or a handful of strawberries into a bowl of turbo alkaline water. A cloudy plume of chemicals will rise, demonstrating the cleaning power of turbo alkaline water.

Go Forth and Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

Tyent alkaline water ionizers don’t just produce delicious water for drinking. They also make turbo alkaline water for cleaning dangerous pesticides from fruits and vegetables. With a Tyent water ionizer, your produce will taste better and be safer to eat.

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4 thoughts on “STOP! Don’t Eat Anymore Fruits or Vegetables Until You Read This

  1. You say to soak our veggies and fruits in turbo water but not for how long. Please help. I want to try it at home already.

    1. Hi, Billy. Please rinse or soak your produce in our turbo water for no less than five minutes to fully get rid of any oil-based herbicides and pesticides.

    1. Hi, Christina. May we ask what model you own? For our Hybrid, ACE-13, and UCE-11 models, our bestsellers, there are Turbo buttons on the control pad of the water ionizers.

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