9 Kitchen Hacks Using Alkaline Water

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Try these alkaline water kitchen hacks at home and make your meals a lot healthier.

9 Kitchen Hacks | How Alkaline Water Can Do the Trick

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1. Soak Meat in Alkaline Water to Enhance Flavor and Tenderness

Soaking meat in alkaline water before cooking can keep the meat’s flavor better after cooking as it improves its quality by cleaning it from harmful chemicals. It also tenderizes the meat, allowing flavors from spices and herbs in your recipe to seep in.

For seafood, soaking in alkaline water helps to remove its fishy odor and flavor, allowing the cooking flavor to take its place.

2. Use Alkaline Water When Making Aromatic Drinks to Improve Fragrance

Alkaline water also does wonders for enhancing aromatic drinks like lavender and lemonade. The reason behind this is simple: acidity significantly affects both taste and smell, which means the more acidic a substance is, the less fragrant it can become.

3. Soak Boiled Eggs in Alkaline Water for Easy Peeling

Boiled egg soaked in water | Kitchen Hacks Using Alkaline Water
Boiled eggs soaking in alkaline water

If you want to peel the eggshell easily, soaking eggs in alkaline water before boiling is advisable. It keeps the egg yolk and white under the shell moisturized.

When exposed to heat, the amino acids in the yolk and white become denatured, or the bonds that hold them together break. As a result, the heat forces water out of the egg, making peeling harder because of lack of moisture.

So, it only makes sense to soak eggs with alkaline water before heating them.

4. Soak Vegetables in Tyent Alkaline Water to Regain and Retain Freshness

The benefits of alkaline water include helping regain the freshness of ingredients such as leafy greens, especially if they were already sitting in the fridge for a while.

Tyent alkaline water has molecular hydrogen that produces antioxidant effects which, in turn, promotes photosynthesis. This process helps plant-based ingredients regain and retain freshness and color.

The said molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in existence. It makes Tyent alkaline water the best water for soaking rice, grains, and beans.

5. Rinse and Prepare Fruits and Vegetables with Alkaline Water to Balance Out Acidity

Fresh vegetables under water stream in colander | Kitchen Hacks Using Alkaline Water
Washing fresh vegetables in alkaline water

Alkaline water has a reduced concentration of mineral ions, such as calcium and magnesium, which can positively affect the taste of fruits and vegetables. The high pH helps balance the acidity in them, leaving a smoother flavor.

Mineral Ions Definition: These are minerals with electrically charged forms and are typically in soil moisture but are also present in water. They determine liquid “softness” and “hardness” in terms of dissolved magnesium and calcium.

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6. Switch Tap Water with Alkaline Water When Making Stews, Stocks, and Soups for Improved Nutrient Intake

One of the great cooking hacks you can do is to replace tap water with alkaline water in making your stews, stocks, and soups.

Alkaline water can significantly increase the nutrients you take because it has its own, too:

  • Calcium is essential in building and keeping strong bones and maintaining the proper function of nerves, muscles, and the heart.
  • Magnesium aids in calcium absorption, relieves anxiety and premenstrual syndrome, and improves heart health.

7. Brew Coffee and Tea with Alkaline Water to Remove Bitterness

Pouring a fresh tea on a cup | Kitchen Hacks Using Alkaline Water
Tea brewed with alkaline water

Just like removing bitterness from other foods, alkaline water can also do the same with coffee and tea. It reduces the acidity level in these beverages, which can result in the elimination of their bitter flavor and creation of a lighter taste.

The trick is, instead of hot brewing your coffee or tea, you can infuse some amount of powdered coffee or a bag of tea in cold alkaline water. The coldness combined with alkalinity gives far less acidity in your beverage, making it taste better.

8. Make Smoothies Using Alkaline Water for a Healthier Option

Using alkaline water in your fruit or vegetable smoothie doubles the nutrients you can get, primarily because of the water’s own nutrients. Alkaline water works even with a green smoothie as it detoxifies harmful acidic chemicals in veggies, which results in an improved flavor and nutritional intake.

9. Add Alkaline Ice Cubes to Your Fruit Juices

Among the flavorful kitchen hacks using alkaline water are juice drinks. If you find pure fruit juices to be really sweet or sour, you can mix a few alkaline ice cubes in your glass and leave them to melt for a few minutes before drinking.

The ice cubes balance the juice flavor and its pH level by reducing acidity. Simply fill your ice tray with alkaline water and freeze it overnight for your morning fruit juice.


Watch how alkaline ionized water cleans vegetables better in this video from Water Ionizers from Tyent USA:

These useful kitchen hacks allow you to explore the many uses of alkaline water in your food to take advantage of its health benefits. Having alkaline water at home for everyday use is easy – just secure your own water ionizer and enjoy drinking and using the water with your family.

What other home kitchen hacks using alkaline water do you know? Share them in the comments section.

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    1. Hi, Logan. We recommend that you wash your foods — that goes for veggies and fruits — in either alkaline level 3 or turbo water. Alkaline level 3 helps preserve the colors and flavors of the food, while turbo water removes oil-based herbicides and insecticides and other dirt residue. Please remember that our turbo water is stronger than the regular alkaline water and is thus not suitable for drinking.

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