How to Lose Weight Like a Celebrity Using Alkaline Water

Weighing It Up

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in wondering how the celebrities we see in magazines and on the screen manage to look…different. Even, dare I say it, better…than mere mortals? 


Well, better than me anyway. If you already get mistaken for various members of the Kardashian clan, then feel free to stop reading, and go back to taking selfies of your fabulous self in a series of ‘Pouting? Moi?’ and ‘Aw…this old thing?’ style-snaps to entertain the less physically blessed among us. Yep. That’ll be me again. 

Anyway, the good news is that you too can harness the tips of the rich and famous by following our five step guide!

The ‘Unconventional’…

  1. Portion Control. It’s obvious, right? If you eat huge portions, then you’re consuming more. But just knowing that isn’t enough in LaLa Land. You have to get cute about it. Elizabeth Hurley only eats from small plates, allegedly using child-sized cutlery. While you may prefer to keep your grown-up knife and fork, eating from a smaller plate is a good plan as it should stop you from loading up with excess food.  
  2. Steal A Baby’s Food. You heard right. Jennifer Aniston allegedly used to follow the crackpot ‘Baby Food Diet’, which means that you get to choose from various jars of carefully balanced minced slop. I know, tempting, right? I assume that at her recent wedding to Justin Theroux, Jen didn’t insist on blending the wedding cake. 

    Look, take the oatmeal, and I’ll keep the sweet potatoes. Deal?


    ….The Good…

  3. Fake the Cake. Ditch the excess sugar, which means cutting down on candy, cakes and cookies, or at least finding a low sugar option. Gwyneth Paltrow (no surprises here) is rumoured to make an awesome banana loaf with no added sugar apart from the naturally occurring ones in ripe bananas. 
  4. Work It Out! Step up your exercise program, or start one! There are so many options available, you’re bound to find something that suits you. Reece Witherspoon keeps in shape by running, rollerblading and taking hip-hop classes, which probably leaves little time for snacking, frankly.

    …and the Excellent!

  5. Awesome Alkaline Water! In the world of baby food jars and tiny plates, thank goodness for something worth listening to! Miranda Kerr and Beyonce are huge advocates of drinking alkaline water to boost their health.


    Balancing your body’s alkalinity and maintaining an optimum pH, through drinking alkaline water means that digestion and metabolism are improved, thus boosting your weight loss efforts. So whichever route to a healthy weight you choose to take, drinking alkaline water will help to achieve the result you want!


Alkaline Water To Go…

So, there you go. A quick guide to gorgeousness. Just be careful not to trip over any lurking papparazzi as they catch you on your morning run, clutching your alkaline water, and thinking about that sugar-free banana muffin or three that you’re lining up for brunch. 


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