How Alkaline Water Can Help Your Post-Workout Recovery

Top Gym CEO Works Out With Tyent Alkaline Water

We’ve arranged for you to have a sneak peek at why Dave Green, CEO of Willow Bend Fitness, in Plano, Texas recommends Tyent Alkaline Water.

Work Up A Sweat!

Dave is right on the frontline of knowing that what you put into your body affects your output. He does a great job of explaining how we should be accompanying our workouts with alkaline water, for maximum hydration. And when you’re working up a sweat, then your hydration has to work harder too! Drinking alkaline water mean that you recover from exertion faster and you can work out for longer, because a hydrated body means a more energized one.

Another key point that Dave makes is that when you know that the water you’re drinking is actively helping you stay in good shape, then it spurs you on to drink more of it! You’ve got to drink water anyway, right? So make it alkaline water for maximum benefits.

Fit Facts

Here are the benefits, at a glance, of drinking alkaline water when working out:

  • Hydrates you more quickly than ordinary water
  • You need less of it to hydrate your body
  • Better hydration means increased energy
  • Optimum hydration means faster recovery from exertion
  • Simple, but pretty important – Tyent Alkaline Water tastes great! 



Spot The Guy Who Hasn’t Discovered Alkaline Water Yet

Dave is one of a growing number of people who believe that drinking alkaline water has not only helped towards the workouts, but it’s also improved their all-round health. And it’s so easy to stick to something that feels good while you’re doing it!

“I feel better. I haven’t gotten sick in months. I feel like it’s doing something more than just drinking normal water.”  


– Dave Green, CEO, Willow Bend Fitness.

Membership Benefits!

If you’re a member of a gym, then how about speaking with the management about installing a Tyent Water Ionizer?  Hey, show them this article and then they can see for themselves how they can help their members get better results, faster. That’s got to be good for business, right?

Gym Owners!

Looking to add alkaline water benefits to your gym? It’s easy! We are here to help you every step of the way. Getting set up is simple, just give us a call at , or find out more about our dealer program in our Dealer Guide.

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    1. Hi, Elison. We hope that the article informed you about the benefits of drinking alkaline water after exercising and that you’ll be able to experience these for yourself. Tyent water is also the preferred post-workout drink of many celebrities, like Clifford Brown, a performance specialist who trains NFL athletes and A-list celebrities.

      You can also view other athlete testimonials!

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