Weight Loss Expert Bex Reveals Her Top 3 Tips

Do you know how much five pounds is? A lamp, a small sack of flour, and your favorite pair of boots all weigh about five pounds.

That may not seem like a lot, but imagine carrying it around with you all day, over time the extra effort would add up. So, don’t do it anymore! Lose five pounds fast with these three easy tips from BexLife.

  1. Write It Before You Bite It


Keeping a food diary is a great way to keep track of what you are eating and hold yourself accountable for your choices.

“Studies show that when you keep track of everything that you eat, you’re more mindful about your food decisions and you’re less likely to overeat.”        –  Bex

  1. Portion Control
What could make this meal healthier? A tall glass of Tyent alkaline water, that’s what!

High-calorie foods like animal proteins should be served in smaller portions while leafy greens and whole grains can be eaten freely. Why? Because plant-based foods are delicious and nutritious so load up on the salad!

  1. Drink Lots and Lots of Water


But don’t drink just any water, drink Tyent alkaline water for the best weight loss results. The unique chemical properties and antioxidant-rich formula sets Tyent alkaline water apart from all other waters. Bex knows that and loves her Tyent water ionizer because it is convenient and helps her lose weight.

“Studies show that if you just drink a glass of (alkaline) water before each meal, you’ll eat less, and, then, actually, weigh less.”         –  Bex

There are dozens of ways that Tyent water ionizers help you lose weight. According to Bex, alkaline water makes an excellent pre and post-workout drink, reduces hunger, detoxifies fat cells, and helps your body absorb nutrients.

On the go? Tyent has you covered with the TYgo Portable Water Ionizer. Get one just like Bex!


Tyent alkaline water is Bex’s secret weapon for weight loss but anyone can own a Tyent water ionizer just like her. You can literally drop a lamp, a sack of flour, or pair of boots from your waistline in a matter of days.

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Want to hear more from Bex? Watch her weight loss video below:  


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