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                                        Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!



monday-coffee-friday-beer    What can I say?   Today is the last day of the workweek and has arrived just in time for the weekend.

Since it is Friday here at Tyent USA, and probably where you are as well, let’s just exhale, relax, and call it a week.

Here are a couple of truly dumb, true criminal stories.  You can’t make this stuff up…mainly because you don’t have to.

When I was gathering stories of dumb criminals across the nation, I heard hundreds.  Everything from the bank robber who wrote his hold-up note on the back of his deposit slip, to the guy who covered his entire head with whipped cream then waited in line to rob the bank.  He was arrested when the whipped cream melted and he was recognized.

Here’s another one that was pretty dumb.


Oops, Wrong Number


phone-booth    I believe this one occurred in California. This guy had escaped from the county jail and was on the run. He desperately needed someone to come and pick him up.  As he was running down the side streets he found a phone booth.  His friend’s phone number had just been changed and he didn’t have the new number so he call Directory Assistance.  Or at least he thought he had.  Instead of dialing 411, he hit 911 by mistake.  When the dispatcher answered, he immediately hung up.

Well, if you call 911 and hang up without saying anything they send a squad car to that location to see if there’s anything wrong.  He was still standing there trying to call someone to pick him up when the police car pulled up.  They were more than happy to pick him up and give him a ride to jail.


You know, Will Rogers said God picked up the United States and shook it and everything that was loose fell into California.  He may have had something there.

Another Crazy story.


Clean Getaway…Almost

A guy and his girlfriend decided to rob a bank.  As the designated driver of the getaway car, she sat outside the bank while her boyfriend ran in with his fake gun drawn and mask on.  He approached the first teller and demanded the money.  It went so smoothly that he went to a couple more windows and did the same thing. When he felt he had enough money, he thanked the tellers and ran from the bank.  Outside, he was stunned to find that the getaway car and his girlfriend weren’t there.  He looked up and down the street frantically as the bank alarm rang out behind him.  Finally, he just had to run for it.  He didn’t get far.   The cops picked him up a block away still clutching the money.

It turns out that because it was taking so long, she decided that she’d go and get the car washed.  I guess that took a little longer than expected so she was late a little getting back.

Totally peeved, her boyfriend who did the robbing ratted her out and they both were sent to prison for bank robbery!


Girl in car



That’s it then.  Time to go home.

Here’s a funny animal compilation video that I’m sure will put a smile on your face.




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