Top Three Tech Tools for Your Health

True: You can use technology to be lazy. With today’s nearly movie theater-caliber TVs and sound systems, it’s more tempting than ever to use technology to become a regular couch potato. But recent advancements in technology can also do the opposite to actually help you become healthier.

These three tech tools score big when it comes to using technology for the betterment of health. Along with your favorite smartphone games and e-readers, these tools can fit into your busy day to encourage a well-rounded lifestyle.

Workout-tracking apps. If you’re a runner or walker, check out apps like RunKeeper and MapMyRUN to log your distance daily, get a bird’s-eye view of how you’re doing with your fitness goals, and interact with other like-minded users. If you’re the iron-pumping type, try JEFIT for the ability to track your bodybuilding, get new ideas for exercises and muscle groups to strengthen, and share your results with other JEFIT community members. The social aspect of exercise-tracking apps can help keep you accountable so you’re less likely to fall off the fitness wagon.

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Wireless calorie monitors. Pedometers have come a long way. Nowadays, with armbands like the BodyMedia FIT, you can track a lot more than the number of steps you take. The BodyMedia FIT logs your daily calories burned (whether in the gym or in the office) with 95% accuracy. Everyone burns calories differently, so that calorie-tracking feature on the treadmill may not be as reliable as you think. Likewise, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out how many calories you burn by taking the stairs at work. This helpful armband lets you know precisely how many calories you’ve spent each day to give you a better idea of how to control weight.

Water ionizers. Tap water may accomplish the basics of helping to hydrate you, but it’s not packing powerful antioxidants or helping you maintain an alkaline pH (6.9-7.2) within your body—both of which should be concerns when trying to live a longer, healthier life. Water ionizers from Tyent USA feature voice announcement, a touch screen, and the most advanced water purification available. Plus, the alkaline water that the ionizers produce will hydrate you up to six times more than regular water, which is especially important for active people.

Tyent USA's UCE-9000 Turbo Under-Counter Extreme Water Ionizer.

Implementing these tech-forward tools every day will make a healthier lifestyle feel less like work and more like having fun with technology, which could help you meet your fitness and lifestyle goals more quickly.

Let us know if you use any other tech gadgets that add a fun spin to healthy living.

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