Chip Chick, Gear Diary, and Gadget Review Recommend the UCE 9000

Tyent water ionizers add design and tech-savvy to any kitchen, and these days, everything from our phones to our cars are getting smarter – so why not our homes? With the advent of home automation systems, keyless door entry, and motion controls, our houses are becoming a prime place to blend technology and design to improve convenience and quality of life.

The kitchen is no exception. It’s the perfect place for functional, high-end products that make life just a little bit easier – and we at Tyent USA aren’t the only ones who feel that way. Check out these recommendations from Chip Chick, Gear Diary, and Gadget Review on our water ionizers that transform regular tap water into antioxidant-rich, energy-supplying alkaline water.

Chip Chick – Tyent’s UCE 9000 Turbo Water Makes Your Sink Smart

Gone are the days when getting water from the sink was a simple matter – not that that’s a bad thing. As Tyent shows with their CE 9000 Turbo Water Ionizer, a little complexity can go a long way.

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Gear Diary – Sip a New Take on Water with Tyent’s UCE 9000 Water Ionizer

Tyent’s new UCE water ionizer is another way to filter water. It, however, is meant to be seen. Add in the fact that it has tons of tech built-in and… well, you know… it caught our eye.

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Gadget Review – Tyent Under Counter Extreme 9000T Water Ionizer

Most people simply opt for Brita, or some sort of cheap H2O water filtration system.  It’s a laborious process, requiring you to fill a tank via your kitchen’s tap and then watch it slowly trickle out water that has supposedly been cleansed of its impurities.  We prefer the under the counter filter systems that are complemented by a standalone tap.  But if that still isn’t good enough for you, you’ll probably really dig Tyent’s UCE 9000 Turbo Water Ionizer.

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