Top Ten Types of People Who Can Benefit from Alkaline Water

We’ve stressed the health benefits of alkaline water to explain why ionized water is so good for you. Compared to traditional drinking water, ionized water can make a dramatic difference in your health and energy level, and just about anyone can experience these benefits.

However, there are ten types of people who can make especially great gains from drinking alkaline water from a Tyent water ionizer. If you’re on this list, consider trying out an ionizer to notice the change in how you feel.

1) Caffeine addicts. Have you found yourself so addicted to coffee or highly-caffeinated soft drinks that you’re consuming three a day? What about four?    . . . Or five? The truth is, many popular coffees and supersized soft drinks boast several hundred calories—a high price to pay for an increased energy level. Alkaline water offers you a high-energy feeling to the tune of zero calories.

2) Busy health nuts. If you’re trying to live a healthy, contaminant-free lifestyle, but your schedule’s too crammed to go to the grocery store for produce as often as you’d like, you may consider alkaline water to squeeze powerful antioxidants into your diet. Note that alkaline water isn’t a replacement for fruits and vegetables, but it does offer as many antioxidants as a glass of orange juice.

3) Seniors. Elderly folks have a greater propensity to illness than younger folks. With alkaline water, you can combat the formation of disease-causing toxic cells from within. The electrons in alkaline water reduce active oxygen radicals to help your body fight disease naturally.

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4) Athletes. Athletes have reported that they can work harder for longer with alkaline water. We attribute this to the water molecules in alkaline water having more oxygen. In fact, the U.S. Olympic speed skating team uses Tyent water ionizers!

5) Children. After infants have graduated from breast milk or formula, they can benefit from ionized water just like adults. And, of course, we all want our children to get the best in health from an early age, and supplying them with alkaline water will get them on the right track to a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, with all the playing and sweating that kids do, they need hydration—and alkaline water is up to six times more hydrating than standard water.

6) Sun-stricken people. Folks who live in hot climates or who work outdoors should definitely make hydration a priority. Ionized water can help with that by hydrating your body more deeply than conventional water.

7) Women going through osteoporosis. Many women think that taking calcium supplements is the best they can do to stave off the negative effects of osteoporosis. Interestingly, consuming water without proper minerals (such as calcium) can cause the body to leach important minerals from bones, causing them to become weaker. Women going through osteoporosis should look into drinking ionized water, which is full of minerals and has the proper pH, to help keep their bodies pH-balanced.

8) Chronic-headache sufferers. Chronic headaches interrupt the productivity and enjoyment of daily life. Many people who have chronic headaches don’t realize that they’re actually very dehydrated. This could be due to a prescription, lack of thirst, busy lifestyle, or too much alcohol. With proper hydration, many people notice a reduction in their day-to-day headache suffering.

9) People suffering from constipation. While it’s not necessarily fun to talk about, constipation is much less fun to endure. If you pop laxatives or fiber pills in hopes of easing your chronic constipation, you may actually be doing your body harm by inhibiting its ability to absorb some nutrients and keep a good fluid balance. Drinking more water provides constipation relief for many people.

10) Pets! Okay, so pets aren’t necessarily in the category of people. But you can give your pet alkaline water with confidence that it’ll be extra-hydrating for him or her, and the crystal-clear clean water will ensure that no dangerous contaminants or sicknesses ever creep into your pet’s immune system through the water bowl. In fact, some pet owners swear by alkaline water as a way to improve their pets’ health without drugs, and give them increased energy.

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    1. It is true! Acidic water is great for cosmetic purposes. Please let us know if you have any questions about the water our ionizers produce.

  1. I read on here that alkaline water is good for people with osteoporosis and people suffering from headaches. Would this water be good for people suffereing from High blood preasure and people with diabetes; and how would this water help people with this kind of conditions?

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