Non-Drinking Uses for Water from a Water Ionizer

When it comes to drinking water, the benefits of alkaline ionized water vs. tap water are as clear as, well, a glass of water. But some of the benefits of having a water ionizer aren’t related to actually drinking the water. In fact, there are several non-drinking uses for water from a Tyent water ionizer! We list a few of the most useful here.

Washing produce. It shouldn’t surprise you that the fruits and veggies we pick up at the grocery store aren’t very clean. They come with pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals on the surface—not to mention the germs from people’s hands touching them. Water from a water ionizer breaks up these harmful substances on the surface of produce and makes your fruits and veggies safe to eat. Just watch this demo of how well alkaline water washes vegetables.

Washing your face. For skin conditions like acne and eczema, regular water can dry out the skin too much and add potentially harmful chemicals. Many see improvements in skin conditions and skin tone after washing with acidic water regularly.

Chemical-free cleaning. Use the acidic water to clean your floors, kitchen and bathroom surfaces, brushes, and combs the chemically-free way.

Cooking. You’ll notice improved flavor, color, and texture in your vegetables when you steam them with alkaline water instead of regular water. Similarly, if you cook pastas, beans, and rice with alkaline water, you’ll notice the texture and consistency are improved.

Washing your hair. Water ionizer fans routinely use their acidic ionized water to wash their hair. The result is softer, more manageable locks.

Rinsing baby bottles. New moms—you know the importance of keeping germs and bacteria away from your baby. Rinse baby bottles (and toys that your child regularly plays with) with alkaline ionized water.

Did you know that alkaline ionized water had so many uses? It goes beyond the glass to every facet of your household for deeper cleaning and better germ management. Fewer bacteria in your home and in your drinking water yield a healthier family. Check out the full lineup of Tyent water ionizers for an under-the-counter or above-the-counter unit that suits your needs in the kitchen.

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  1. […] We love going green at Tyent, and we don’t want to contribute to worldwide waste. That being said, there is acidic water produced with a water ionizer, and that water is not to be consumed by people or animals. That being said, however, the water can be used for a variety of household tasks, from cleaning and sanitizing to curing problems like ingrown toenails and Athlete’s Foot. Start here for a few non-drinking uses for water from a water ionizer. […]

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