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Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!


 Stress-illustration    Oh yes…it is Friday, the last day of a long week.  At Tyent USA we work hard all week long to bring you the purest water and best customer service on the planet, so when Friday arrives, it’s time to de-stress, decompress, and enjoy a little personal R & R time.


Here is a funny dumb criminal story and a good YouTube video that hopefully, will make you smile and help to release some of those pent up endorphins.

 This particular story was told to me by a police officer on the East coast.    


Two-Bit Thief    

stack of quarters    I recall an officer in Rhode Island telling me he was pretty sure he had arrested the right guy when the suspect was caught trying to break into a vending machine at a local gas station.  

“We had had a string of vending machine break-ins in that area recently and so when I pulled up to see a man shaking and kicking the machine, I was naturally suspicious.”  Said the policeman.  

Of course the man denied he was attempting anything illegal,” the officer told me. “The suspect explained that the machine had just taken his money and he was merely trying to get it back when I arrived on the scene.  He seemed like a nice enough guy, but my gut instinct told me something just wasn’t right so I arrested him on suspicion.  After we got to the station and he was booked, he phoned his girlfriend to bring him the $400.00 the judge had set as his bail.  

Being the loving girlfriend she was, she brought the $400.00 down to the jail to bail him out.  The only problem was that she brought the four hundred dollars in quarters.  Sixteen-hundred of them!

The officer smiled and said, “I couldn’t believe she did that and her boyfriend couldn’t believe it either.”  

Shaking his head, the thief confessed to the crime on the spot.



  “Life is tough…it’s even tougher when you’re stupid.”                                                                                                                                               -John Wayne  


Here is a classic example our tax dollars at work/or waste, depending on how you look at it.

I call this “Signs of the Times.”  

Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!   (Funny Signs)  


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