Fun Friday!

                     Hey everybody…it’s Fun Friday!


friday-yes  Friday indeed. There’s an old Rock song that says, “Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend.” Those time-honored words hold as true today as they did back…whenever. Who cares? It’s Friday!

At Tyent USA, we believe in hard work…we are worker bees all week long so when the weekend arrives; it is time to slow down, take a breath, and maybe even have a few laughs.

We recommend you do the same.

I spent a couple years or so researching dumb criminals in many, many police stations across the country and in that time, I heard a few funny stories from judges and lawyers by proxy. I remember hearing from a lawyer the story of a woman in the courtroom on the witness stand when the Prosecutor asked her a question; the woman nodded her head in agreement but said nothing. The judge instructed the witness that she could not just nod her head, all her answers had to be oral.  As the prosecutor continued, he asked the woman, “You were the first one on the scene, is that correct?”  “Oral.” She said.


woman on stand


However, I have known some people in my own life that were as nice as they could be but would say things that would cause anyone with at least three firing neurons to shake their head.  Take Jodie for instance.  She was a friend of mine.  When I was a teenager, I lived out in the country and so did all my friends.  One summer day a bunch of us were lazing around in our friend Craig’s house (no AC) and it was really hot outside…and inside.  All the windows were open and it was stifling hot.  At that time, you could dial a phone number known as “Time Service” and a recorded voice would tell you the time and temperature. “I am burning up!” Jodie groaned, limp on the couch. “Call time service…see what the temperature is.”  So I picked up the phoned and called. The voice answers, “It’s three ‘o clock…ninety-nine degrees.” I hang up.  It’s ninety-nine degrees.” I announce. From the sofa, I hear “Arghhh…it feels like a hundred!”

hot woman


Well, I still live in the country and so I’ll tell a country joke.

These two red-necks were out walkin’ in the woods one day when they came upon a large hole in the ground.

Man, I wonder how deep this thing is?” One of them asks.

I don’t know.” said the other, “Let’s throw something in it and listen for it to hit.”

“Good idea!”

So they look around and one guy says “Hey…look at this big transmission layin’ here…let’s throw that in!

So they get on each side of the tranny, lift it and drag it to get it to the hole then push it in.  As they cock their heads to listen, suddenly, from out of the bushes behind them, branches and brush are being snapped and broken, dirt is being kicked up and they hear this bleating cry as a huge goat rushes right past them and jumps into the hole and disappears.  The stunned men are still staring at each other with their mouths open when just then a farmer pulls up and asks,

You boys haven’t seen a big ol’goat around here have you?”  Still stunned, both men blurt out, “Yeah! He just jumped into that big ol’ hole in the ground right there!”

Farmer 2  With a puzzled look on his face the farmer says, “Well, I don’t know how he could have done that…I had him tied to a transmission!”


Well, I’m out of here.  


Here are a couple videos we like and feel you will too.  One’s funny, one is miraculous.

Have a great weekend everybody, from Tyent USA!



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