Why Soda is Toxic to Your Body

Diet Sodas are Destroying Our Bodies but

Alkaline Water can Repair & Revitalize Our Bodies

Remember the old saying “We are what we eat”? Well, we are also what we drink. Every day we consume a form of poison called “diet soda”. It’s true. We may believe we’re drinking healthy because we are drinking something that has the word “diet” in it. In reality nothing could be further from the truth.


Let’s discuss how ionized alkaline water is the better and healthier alternative to diet sodas. So you say you don’t like the taste of plain water? Well, read on below to discover how water that is better for you can also taste fantastic!


How Does Diet Soda Make Us Sick and Undermine Weight Loss?


We guzzle gallons of diet sodas every day. News flash….the artificial sweeteners (e.g., chemicals) used in diet sodas actually send signals to our bodies that we are hungry; therefore, guess what? We eat more. What is the result? You guessed it….we gain weight! 

Why soda is toxic to the body

Another not largely known fact is that some artificial sweeteners used in diet sodas actually convert into formaldehyde in the body. Yes, you read that right. Formaldehyde – the stuff used to embalm dead bodies. Yuck!!! So what does formaldehyde do to the body? It causes metabolic acidosis – a condition where there is too much acid in the body. The kidneys cannot fully function to eliminate this excess acid. If untreated, this can lead to another condition known as acidemia which can even lead to coma or death. Does a diet soda sound healthy to you now?


How is Alkaline Water Healthier Than Diet Soda?


Alkaline water, on the other hand, does not stimulate hunger. It actually boosts our metabolism to help us lose weight. Also, ionized alkaline water has antioxidant fighting capability to rid the body of excess acids and free radicals that damage our bodies. According to renowned physician Dr. Nancy McClellan, “Tyent Water, along with all of its other benefits, neutralizes free radicals in a very effective manner.”


Drink Ionized Alkaline Water in Lieu of Diet Soda to Lose Weight and Be Healthy


Your diet soda isn’t going to help you lose weight. It may actually make you fatter and sick. It’s better to quench your thirst with ionized alkaline water from Tyent USA.


Tyent offers water ionizers that convert regular water into alkaline water. The resulting ionized water is refreshing, provides antioxidant power, and won’t make you gain weight like a diet soda.


What if you just don’t like the taste of plain water? No problem. There are ways to flavor alkaline water that make the water taste fabulous and keep your drink healthy. Tyent USA offers a line of delicious and healthy drinks called Waterceuticals. These drinks remain alkaline (healthy) when added to Tyent ionized alkaline water.


Tyent’s Waterceuticals offers 2 product lines of healthy, great tasting drinks that remain alkaline when added to Tyent Water. More importantly, these drinks provide natural antioxidants for fighting free radicals and excess acid and stimulates metabolism instead of filling us with formaldehyde, increasing acid in our bodies, and making us hungry.


AlkaShieldThis drink provides a natural antioxidant source to boost your immune system and help you feel good.


AlkaWake A healthy energy drink, it provides more energy and stimulates your metabolism.

AlkaWake and AlkaShield

Check out the water ionizer products and Waterceuticals from Tyent USA as a refreshing alternative to diet sodas and energy drinks. You can also learn more about ionized alkaline water, and get updates from our Facebook page and through Twitter.

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