Discover a Powerful Combination! Tyent Water and Colostrum!

Posted by: tyent On June 28, 2013 3:48 pm



We are excited to pair up with the team at Sovereign Laboratories to bring you its line of Colostrum Wellness products. Why are we adding Colostrum Wellness products to our healthy product line, and what do they have to do with alkaline water? “Swallowing colostrum in a capsule with a large glass of alkaline, antioxidant water (coral water or electrolysis water) between meals helps reduce damage and increase effectiveness.”[1]

Here is a review of the products we are offering and why they are so good for you!

Discover the powerful combination of #alkaline water and #Colostrum -

GastroDefense Daily Therapy

  • Do you take pain medication, such as NSAIDS or aspirin?
  • Do you drink acidic soft drinks, coffee or alcohol?
  • Do
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What in the World are Waterceuticals and Why do You Need Them?

Posted by: tyent On June 27, 2013 4:05 pm

Finally! Two products that you won’t ever want to be without! We are proud to introduce our new Waterceuticals line. Now you can finally have it all with these two beverages that are refreshing, energizing, tasty and healthy. Did we mention that they are also alkaline? Amazing!

Our Waterceutical products have been specifically designed to work hand in hand with Tyent Water, and they are activated by ionized alkaline water. It is important to note that these two products stay alkaline! Many energy drinks and immune support drinks on the market today have a pH of 2. That’s really acidic! Now you can stay alkaline by getting the energy and immune boost you want! Here is some more information about …

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New Products at Tyent USA!

Posted by: tyent On June 25, 2013 2:14 pm


We are excited about the new things happening here at Tyent USA! First, we have a new website. What do you think about it? We hope that you love it as much as we do! Next, we have some new products becoming available, which we also hope you will love! Today’s post is an introduction to the new products we will be offering very soon.


ALKAWAKE: Say goodbye to all those acidic energy drinks and say hello to AlkaWake! AlkaWake is a healthy energy drink made specifically for use with Tyent Water. Your AlkaWake beverage remains in an optimal alkaline state when mixed with 9.5 pH Tyent Water. AlkaWake wakes up your water …

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