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We are excited about the new things happening here at Tyent USA! First, we have a new website. What do you think about it? We hope that you love it as much as we do! Next, we have some new products becoming available, which we also hope you will love! Today’s post is an introduction to the new products we will be offering very soon.


ALKAWAKE: Say goodbye to all those acidic energy drinks and say hello to AlkaWake! AlkaWake is a healthy energy drink made specifically for use with Tyent Water. Your AlkaWake beverage remains in an optimal alkaline state when mixed with 9.5 pH Tyent Water. AlkaWake wakes up your water and gives you the boost you need any time of day!

AlkaWake - The Only Alkaline Energy Drink! -

ALKASHIELD: AlkaShield is a daily immune support vitamin and mineral blend. AlkaShield maintains its alkaline pH properties when mixed with 9.5 pH Tyent Water. AlkaShield gives your immune system a boost and helps maintain overall good health. It’s the perfect way to start your day!

AlkaShield - An alkaline daily immune support drink -


Hey, good looking! The pHandOrp is a stylish, portable stainless steel travel alkalizer. It’s ideal for when you are on the go. It transforms regular tap water into alkaline water and is the perfect alternative to plastic water bottles. The pHandOrp gives you the convenience of having fresh Tyent Water with you whenever and wherever you go!

 pHandOrp - A stylish travel alkalizer -


We are proud to pair up with the team at Sovereign Laboratories to bring you its exciting line of wellness products. These products include the following:

  • GastroDefense Daily Therapy
  • GastroDefense Overnight Cleanse
  • Immune Response Modulator
  • Colostrum IC – Immune Concentrate
  • Colostrum LD Powder
  • Colostrum LD Capsules
  • Viralox Health Spray

 Colostrum Wellness -

These products have anti-aging properties, support maintenance of healthy weight and help boost, balance and maintain immune function, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


Make sure to check out the blogs coming up in the next few days. Each blog will go into more detail about the new products we are offering.  Which products are you interested in learning more about? Which are you most excited to try? Leave a comment below.


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