Protect Yourself From Toxins in the Shower and Bath

Little Known Fact –  Your Bath & Shower Water are Responsible for Disease & Premature Aging

There’s a greater danger than Norman Bates wielding a butcher knife in your shower. Chlorine and other contaminants in our tap water are not only dangerous to drink, but they pose even greater dangers when we expose our bodies to them in our garden soaking bath tubs and hot showers. The steam from a hot shower may feel great but it’s doing untold damage to your body. That’s why you need a Tyent Shower Lux shower head or a Tyent Bath Ball to make your daily bathing experience relaxing, cleansing, and safe.


Come On – How is My Shower Hurting Me?

Chlorine is added to the public water supply to kill off harmful bacteria and germs. However, chlorine and other caustic substances in the water combine with other naturally occurring compounds to form trihalomethanes (THMs) which produce the free radicals that attack your body on the cellular level. This leads to dry skin and premature aging of the skin because the skin cells are not regenerating, they are dying off. The result? You may be 30 years old but your skin says you are much older. Now who wants their skin to lie about their age in the wrong direction?

Sadly, premature skin aging is the least of your concerns when it comes to the effects of toxins in your bath and shower water. Just the chlorine in our water is responsible for several diseases, including various cancers, heart disease, and fertility issues.

The least known but most dangerous way we are susceptible to the harmful effects of these toxins is from direct contact with the skin and by breathing it in. We breathe in and absorb these nasty poisons from the steam in our bath and shower. Warm water opens pores in our skin which dramatically increases our bodies’ absorption of chlorine and other chemicals. Additionally, chlorine vaporizes faster than water and goes directly into our blood streams.

How to Stay Squeaky Clean and Disease-Free at the Same Time with Tyent Shower Lux and the Tyent Bath Ball

So how do we clean our bodies without using water containing these toxins that make us sick and look older? Luckily, it’s easy to remove these substances from our water at the point of access – your shower head or bath faucet. Tyent USA has an incredible shower head and bath ball that not only filters out the nasty stuff from our water but it creates pH balanced water that is better for your skin and for your health.

The Tyent Shower Lux shower heads not only remove the toxins from the water before it touches your body, it converts the chlorine to a benign, water soluble chloride with molecules too large to be absorbed into the skin. The entire process is called “Reduction-Oxidation” or “Redox”. The Tyent Shower Lux system also leaves your water pH balanced.

Shower Lux chrome

The Tyent filtration process removes:
•    Chlorine
•    Hydrogen Sulfide (makes water smell like rotten eggs)
•    Dirt
•    Iron Oxide (rust)
•    Sodium Hypochlorite

OK, that sounds great but what if you prefer a relaxing long soak in the tub. Tyent has an answer for that as well. The Tyent Bath Ball not only removes substances, such as harmful chlorine from your bath water, it also adds healthful minerals to improve your water’s pH balance and to reduce hard scale build-up on the side of the tub.

Bath ball


For a Cleaner, Healthier You, Redox Your Water with Tyent

Instead of the drying effects of chlorinated water from your shower or bath, you can enjoy smoother, softer, more radiant skin and hair with the Tyent Shower Lux or the Tyent Bath Ball. Of course, there’s the added benefit that your body is no longer soaking up toxins from the regular water and you are no longer inhaling dangerous toxins while enjoying your long hot bath or shower.

Visit Tyent USA today to discover how these products can keep you healthy and your skin and hair looking fabulous! You can also visit our Facebook page or join our Twitter following for information and updates about our water ionizing products.

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