Hey everybody, it’s Fun Friday!


Friday 8-22    There is no better day to end the week and begin the weekend than Friday.


After five straight days of turning curious consumers into happy Tyent customers, we are way ready for the weekend to get here.  So let’s go.


Here are some truly strange things I have heard people say that made me blink.


Unintentionally Funny Things I’ve Heard People Say


I was in a restaurant one night when a group of people sitting next to me began talking about religion.  I heard one of the people at the table ask a guy across from them, “What religion are you Keith?”   To which Keith replied…”No religion, I’m an atheist…thank God.”



After listening to a speaker I just happened to catch at a hotel one night when I was traveling.


As he stepped down from the stage to a smattering of applause, his route took him right past me.  Just being nice since he apparently didn’t fire up the crowd that much, I said, “I enjoyed your speech.”  To which he replied with a Southern Foghorn Leghorn accent, “Thanks.  Yeah, I’ve spoke all over the world and in two foreign countries.”


One night I was sitting around a campfire with some people when the topic of aliens visiting Earth came up.  One person said, “I heard that like an alien Ambassador or something had addressed the top brass at the Pentagon in the sixties and told them  that his race had learned to eliminate war and they could show us how we could do it too but the idea was rejected”.  This guy sitting there exclaimed, “No war?”  “We have to have war”. ”Why?” I asked.  He said all frustrated, “Because…without war…we’d all kill each other!”


I was looking at a restaurant menu one time and it read in the center, Soup Du Jour.  Just then a harried waitress dashed passed me with an armload of food.  As she passed I asked, “What’s the soup Du jour?” She didn’t hesitate.  “Soup of the day!”

 I figured that much.


Once, in Illinois, I was at this funky little restaurant when this woman sticks her head in the door and screeches, “Has anyone seen my Brother-in-Law?”  “We can’t find him!”  Someone asked, “I don’t know, what’s he look like?”  She responds, “He’s bald headed, no teeth, and has only got one arm with a patch over his eye”.  I said, “It sounds like most of him was missin’ before he was”.  A couple people got it.


Okay then, time to go.  Have a great weekend everybody!


Check out this funny animal YouTube video, I think you’ll like it.


 Dog Peace sign

Peace Out



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