Beauty and the Brains: The True Story of Tyent Water Ionizers

The classic story of guy meets girl played out in one minute and fifteen seconds. She’s a beautiful and successful woman, he’s a scrawny, nerdy, polite, man with masking tape on the bridge of his glasses.

Watch the Tyent Original Picture:


It was love at first sight. She sweeps him off his feet, he proposes, and they live happily ever after. Does it sound too good to be true? Maybe it is, but a guy can dream right?


That’s the plot line of this clever video from The Tyent Water Ionizer Company. On the surface it’s cute and entertaining, but the video has a certain depth too. That’s because the video is an analogy for the combination of beautiful design and brainy engineering that goes into every Tyent water ionizer.

Beautiful Tyent Water Ionizers

“What makes a kitchen modern? Clean lines, minimalist detail and neutral colors.”


Look at the 1:00 minute mark of the video. That is the Tyent UCE-11 water ionizer striking a pose in a modern kitchen. The chrome finish and simple detail blend perfectly with all other appliances and accessories, while the full-color LCD touch screen and futuristic design make the UCE-11 a gorgeous focal point in any kitchen.


Learn more about Tyent’s flagship water ionizer here:

Brains: They Are Inside Tyent Employees and Inside Tyent Water Ionizers

All the brilliance of Tyent products starts with talented Tyent engineers and designers. They are committed to making the best water ionizers and incorporate all their knowledge into every Tyent product.

  • That eye catching touch screen? It is also smart enough to let you choose between different pH levels, from strong alkaline to strong acid.
  • Tyent water filters are customizable, based on the tap water of your location.
  • The alkaline water produced by Tyent ionizers is the most antioxidant rich in the industry. In essence, Tyent water is smart water!
  • If you have any questions, feel free to call the water ionizer experts at .

Don’t Forget the Brawn!


All Tyent products come with a Lifetime Warranty. 

Inside, Tyent water ionizers feature the highest quality hardware on the market including titanium Solid/Mesh Hybrid Plates that are dipped multiple times in platinum.

The guy in the video might not be the Brawny Man, but I challenge you to find a brawnier water ionizer anywhere!

Tyent Water Ionizers Are the Complete Package

Finding the perfect life partner is tough. Finding the perfect water ionizer is easy. Tyent has used advanced technology and tasteful design to create a line of attractive, intelligent, and long lasting water ionizers. Anyone interested in healthy living, kitchen aesthetics, or classical romance has got to read the Tyent Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide:

Download 2015 Water Ionizer Buyers Guide


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