Alkaline Water vs. Regular Water – A True Story!

Here at Tyent, we’re lucky to have the benefit of the expertise of some real field-leaders on board. One of those important people is Michele Steffney, our Alkaline Water Expert. Michele brought many years of valuable experience to Tyent when she became part of the team.

What Michele doesn’t know about alkaline water fits on the head of a pin

Michele Steffney, Alkaline Water Expert

“…After I discovered alkaline water, I embraced the concept…especially seeing how it helped improve the health and the lives of so many people”

Michele is exceptionally good at explaining the difference between drinking alkaline water, and the other ‘regular’ waters that are available to us. While you would be well rewarded by taking a look at the full length report here, it’s worth highlighting the salient points, and reasons why drinking alkaline water is simply much better for you!

Alkaline Water vs. Bottled Water
Did you know that many – if not most – of the bottled water companies selling their wares simply take plastic bottles and fill them with filtered tap water? Why would you pay extra for that? It adds to the landfill sites with more plastic bottles, and frankly, you’d be better off just sticking a glass under your tap at home. 

Alkaline Water vs. Tap Water
Okay, I know what I just said. On the upside, tap water isn’t going to hurt you. You’re not paying extra for it. You’re not humping it back from the supermarket in huge plastic bottles. The downside? 

Things That Might Make You Go ‘Ew’
  1. Since it does not go through an electrolysis process, tap water doesn’t hydrate you as well as alkaline water
  2. Most tap water has contaminants. Make yourself go ‘Ewww!’ by reading this Tyent’s Free Water Report

These are pretty big points. Alkaline water wins.

Alkaline Water from a Water Ionizer vs. Bottled Alkaline Water
Bottled alkaline water is a better choice than many. It is true that it has to go through a manufacturing process that kills the healthy antioxidant properties of the water, and it costs up to $3 per bottle. Oh yes, and it’s nowhere near as high in health-boosting benefits as water from your own Tyent ionizer unit. But otherwise, not a bad choice.

Ah, who am I trying to kid?  Sorry, but freshly drawn alkaline water from your Tyent unit wins again.

A Happy Ending!
And so, there we have it. The true story of why alkaline water really beats ‘ordinary’ water hands down.  Find out more by reading Michele’s research in detail, and checking out the Tyent complete range to find the ionizer for you. 




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