Alkaline Water: 5 Secrets Olympic Athletes Know and You Don’t

Water is water, right? Not exactly.

At the Sochi Olympics, we have witnessed the human body operating at absolute peak levels. The fastest and most able men and women in the world, competing with seemingly super-human energy levels.

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Watching from the couch, it’s easy to imagine this kind of health as unattainable – that the vibrancy and booming energy of an Olympic athlete is reserved solely for those few devotees. They must have some sort of secret, right? They do. Water. Not the quantity they drink but the quality of the ionized alkaline water that energizes every cell in the athlete’s body. And the best part?

This ultra-healthy water is available to all of us, right from our house using an alkaline water ionizer.

An alkaline water ionizer evolves your water into premium fuel for your body. As most of us have heard, the average body is around 75% water. What happens when that ~75% of you is filled with impurities and acidity? Fatigue and low energy – basically what the majority of us are used to. But! When you start to feed your cells with antioxidant water with an alkaline pH, your body starts to operate on a higher level. A much higher level. Just listen to the first-hand accounts from some of the world’s fiercest competitors:

“After a week of trying Tyent ionized water out on myself, I could not believe the difference I felt after the extreme efforts of training and effort.” – Clara Hughes, 2006 Gold Medal Winner, Speed Skating


The benefits of alkaline water are beyond counting (but we’ll try).
As the average diet consists of processed, acidic foods, the body responds by becoming an acidic internal environment – a breeding ground for disease and malaise. Sounds familiar? Micro-clustered water from a water ionizer helps to create an alkaline pH in the body, resulting in a internal balance where:

-Weight loss becomes easier.
-Your energy levels soar.
-Your immune system starts operating in a higher gear.
-Your cells become more nourished, improving every aspect of your physical being.
-Much, much more. Seriously.

Oh, and it tastes amazing. You also won’t have to wait long to see the benefits of your new leap towards a healthier, better-feeling you.

“To our amazement, the results from the ionized water are seen within minutes of consumption”
-Dr. Gus Spathakaris.

Watch the instant health effects in this amazing video from Dr. Gus.

Making your body more alkaline shows results on the experiential level immediately. You feel more refreshed from the same amount of water that you used to drink. Many first-hand experiences from men, women, athletes, medical professionals (and pets) can be found here on our alkaline water testimonials page.

Ionized alkaline water costs less than bottled water. As far as cost goes, a water ionizer pays for itself. You stop having to pay for bottled water that contributes to pollution and that simply is lesser quality water. Tyent USA offers the best line of water ionizers available, and they offer a lifetime warranty on their 9-plate and 11-plate water ionizers – a testament to Tyent quality. If you are interested in purchasing an ionizer, then you can click here and view our line on Tyent water ionizers. Still deciding? Then check out our informative Water Ionizer Buyer’s Guide!

The path to feeling absolutely fantastic starts with Tyent Water. You won’t go back. While we support the USA Olympic speedskating teams as they hit the ice each year, Tyent Water Ionizers keep providing our support to the Olympic athletes before, after and during the Olympic Games. The USA Olympic speedskating practice facilities are fully equipped with Tyent Water Ionizers, making sure that our athletes are being provided with the ultimate standard in hydration. After feeling the difference between regular water and restructured alkaline water, you will begin to see what the alternatives really are. The decision to upgrade your water comes with a new standard of health, and it’s a standard that simply can’t be met by tap water or bottled water. Make your new “normal” a feeling of vibrancy and energy. Feeling great is better than any medal!

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