Water Ionizer Experts at Tyent USA

Water Ionizer Experts at Tyent USA

We would like to introduce you to two of our water ionizer experts here at Tyent USA, Michele and Nicole.

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Michele Steffney

Water Ionizer Expert at Tyent USA

Michele has been in the water ionizer industry for over a decade. She was the top salesperson for a water ionizer superstore that sold several of the top ionizer brands, including Tyent and Enagic. She was required to know the functionality of and the differences between each ionizer stocked.

Michele says she fell in love with the Tyent brand because of Tyent’s service, dependability and functionality. Her love for Tyent shows in her unbeatable monthly sales numbers for Tyent machines. Tyent recruited Michele several years ago, and she remains our key person for any questions about water ionizers.



Nicole McCaffery 

Water Ionizer Expert at Tyent USA

Nicole is an important asset to Tyent’s customers because she has extensive knowledge of the benefits of ionized alkaline water. She is health conscious and enjoys exercising and eating well, which make her our go to person when people have questions about how to improve their health.

In addition to her expertise in living a healthful lifestyle, Nicole has been in sales for nine years and has earned quality service awards in both the real estate profession and the water ionizer field. Her friendliness, dependability and know-how always keep her customers coming back and asking for her by name. Nicole enjoys helping others; she shows them how to overcome challenges while becoming the best they can be in both their new healthful lifestyle and at selling the Tyent brand.

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2 thoughts on “Water Ionizer Experts at Tyent USA

  1. What is the relationship between the type and level
    Of minerals etc in the source water and the power needed to create strong negative ORP values? Can I be just as successful with reverse osmosis or distilled water going into my machine. Then afterwards add quality minerals back in. Your thoughts please. Michael

    1. Hi Michael,
      Thanks for your comment. One of the key differences when it comes to our water is that the ionizer creates hydrogen. It’s the real magic of the machine, so you won’t get the same results by just adding minerals. You can read more about the benefits of hydrogen here.

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