The Evolution of Water Faucets: A Timeline

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Water is the driver of Nature.” It’s certainly been the driver of invention, and our well-pumping ancestors wouldn’t believe the clean water technology we have available to us today. No doubt they’d be impressed by the filtration techniques, fancy chrome design, and even ionizing powers of our water fixtures nowadays.

Check out this timeline showcasing the evolution of water faucets, and perhaps you’ll gain a bit more gratitude for that underappreciated appliance atop your sink.

2000 BC

The Romans developed pipes made of cement, making the irrigation of water much cleaner and more efficient.

1700 BC

The Minoan Palace of Knossos on the Isle of Crete installed drainage systems and pipes that provided water for faucets.

500 BC

Hippocrates was ahead of his time in terms of purifying water for drinking. He invented the first cloth bag filter.


Leonardo da Vinci designed the first valves, a large component of water faucets. He illustrated the designs that preceded the faucets we use today.


Colored faucets were introduced to the market. For the first time, people could choose colors and styles that appealed to their home’s design aesthetic.


Landis Perry designed the ball valve for faucets. Ball valves control the amount of hot and cold water that comes through the spout.


Automatic faucets (in other words, hands-free) were first developed.


As public knowledge about germs and contamination became more prevalent, automatic faucets became widely available in public places, like airports and malls.


People began discovering that their tap water—so long revered as supremely healthy—could have harmful chemicals. The science of water ionization responded to the need for cleaner water every day at home.

history of water faucets

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