Hey Everybody…it’s Fun Friday at Tyent USA!



                                          Hey Everybody…it’s Fun Friday!


Crazy Cat Hair

You know, some days, by the end of the week I feel like this guy.

They say cats always land on their feet…I say…you just don’t know how to throw ‘em!

Kidding.  I love cats.


Friday is Fun Day at Tyent USA and when the workweek is over it’s time to have some fun and get ready for the long awaited weekend.

We are just a good joke and a funny video away from locking the doors and calling it a week!

The guys may find this one funnier than the ladies but maybe not.  We all need to have a sense of humor.  It makes life so much more fun…and bearable.  Ha!  I once told my parents I wanted to be a comedian but they just laughed at me.

Here we go.


A Guy Named Frank

SuaveA man in New York City steps out of a hotel and raises his hand just as a taxi was passing by.  The cab stops and the moment the man gets in the sky opens up and it begins to pour rain.

“Perfect timing” the cabbie says, “Just like Frank.”

“Who’s Frank?” The man asks.

“Oh, Frank Feldman…things like this happened to Frank Feldman every single time.”

“Sounds like a lucky guy.” The man answered.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it.  Blessed is more like it, Frank was an amazing man.  Perfect actually.  Nothing ever went wrong in Frank’s life.”

“Everybody has some bad days.” The man says.

“Not Frank.  Everyday was great.  He was an outstanding athlete too…could have won Wimbledon if he’d tried… could hold his own with the golf pros too.  He was truly remarkable. Sang like a Broadway star, had Hollywood good looks and everybody loved him.”

“Wow…some guy huh?”

“Oh there’s more.” The cabbie continues. “He could fix anything.  Me…I change a fuse and the entire block goes dark.  But not Frank Feldman.  He could always find the best routes through rush hour traffic too, not like me, seems I’m always getting stuck.  Frank knew how to dress as well.  His shoes were always highly polished, shirts starched and pressed.  Frank knew about wines too.  What wine went with what food…what fork to use, and he knew how to treat a lady.  He never talked back to a woman, even if she was wrong.  Yeah, wasn’t anybody that could stack up to old Frank Feldman.”

“Sounds like an incredible man…how did you meet him?”

“Oh I never met Frank.” The cabbie replied.  “He died, I married his wife.”


Okay, time to go before the ladies in the office read this.  Ha!  

Have a great weekend everybody and a very Fun Friday!

Check out these funny cats.  They will put a smile on your face.




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