Tyent Water Ionizer Lifetime Warranty

Tyent Water Ionizer Lifetime Warranty

Here at Tyent USA, we stand behind our products. You may or may not be aware of this, but all of our water ionizers carry a lifetime warranty. LIFETIME!!! How many appliances do you own that have a lifetime warranty? We’re willing to say probably none. Most appliances only carry a very limited manufacturer warranty with an option to purchase additional coverage. Not at Tyent USA! When you purchase a water ionizer from Tyent, you are buying quality that is guaranteed for LIFE!

Tyent Water Ionizer Lifetime Warranty

Platinum Lifetime Warranty

  • NO stipulations
  • NO fine print
  • NO hassles

If you experience any challenges or issues that our outstanding technical support department can’t resolve over the phone, we will fix your unit at no charge to you (excluding shipping).

If you are in the research phase of purchasing an ionizer, take a good look at our competitors’ warranties, and make sure you read the fine print. Tyent USA does not have any fine print! We are confident that we have the best warranty in the industry, and we set the standard for superior quality.

If you’ve ever experienced a challenge with your Tyent water ionizer, we’re wondering what your experience was like. How easy was it to resolve your challenge? We pride ourselves on our customer service and love doing whatever it takes to make our customers smile! Share your experience with us below!

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3 thoughts on “Tyent Water Ionizer Lifetime Warranty

  1. Hello Tyrent… I have been shopping ionizers for over a year after being introduced to this wonderful water by “Kangen”. It didn’t take an Einstein to quickly realize that Kangen wasn’t the best nor the smartest buy. However Tyrent easily measures at the top of the list and I have been blessed to be able to obtain a nice 7070T unit. My unit–mmp7tsl- USA 000791– was purchased from an estate sale shortly after the owner passed away. Now I am attempting to understand my warranty on this unit—or if there is a warranty on this unit. One of my promotional comments about Tyrent quality is their warranty–LIFETIME– totally awesome but do I have a warranty? Not really sure how to correspond about this so I will post this exact message on my logged in page…Please use my e-mail to respond…thank you ever so much.

  2. I really appreciate free, reliable data like this article from Tyent presents. I need one of your water ionizers in my life!

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