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The Fourth of July is Over… it’s Time for Some Fish!


I love cooking (and eating) burgers, steaks, and chicken, but after a carnivorous holiday, I like a change-up pitch and that’s where fish comes in.  

I love fish.  Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and lower in fat than many meats, fish can be a tasty alternative.   Having said that, I especially like a good fish recipe when it is easy to make, quick to get on the table, and is delicious. 

Keeping with the baseball metaphors, this recipe covers all the bases.   This fish recipe calls for Tilapia but you can substitute Orange Roughy if you like and it is just as delicious.

On a personal note, while the fish is really good, it is the simple little sauce that complements it so well and will send your taste buds over the outfield fence.      


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Tilapia Lemon Parmesan  



  1 ¼-pound Tilapia fillets  

2 Tsp butter or margarine-softened  

1 Tsp fresh lemon juice  


Lemon Parmesan Sauce:  

½-Cup mayo   1 Tbs fresh lemon juice  

¼-Cup grated Parmesan cheese  


Sauce:  Combine all sauce ingredients until well blended  

Directions:   Rinse the fish fillets in cold water and drain thoroughly (I blot them with a paper towel).  Top with the butter and lemon juice (I mix these together).  Place the fillets under the broiler (about 4 inches away from the heat source) for about 5-6 minutes until fish is opaque and flakes easily when tested with a fork. 

Remove from the oven and top each portion with 1-2 TBS of the Lemon-Parmesan sauce.  Place under the broiler an additional 2-3 minutes or until sauce begins to puff and turn brown in spots.  

That’s it!  Place the fillets on plates and garnish with a lemon slice and fresh parsley.  

Note:  The first time I made the sauce I went strictly by the recipe.  The next time I improvised on the measurements.  My version wasn’t nearly as good. 

Tip:  Stick to the recipe.

I think you will really like this surprisingly good, quick, and delicious meal from Tyent USA.  



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