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                                Flower Power Creates a Magic Carpet 



Art – noun the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically, in a visual form.  Something that is created with imagination and skill.


It has been said, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


We have all marveled at some work of art that catches our eye for its beauty, creativity or for the skill and imagination it took to create. 

However, art, as they say, is subjective.  What one person may see as a thing of beauty the person standing right beside them might not like at all.  It is human nature. 

 However, there is one form of art that you would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t find it brilliant in its concept, fascinating in its design, and beautiful to behold.  Not to mention, it emanates a fragrance from Heaven.

 I refer to Flower Carpets.  If you’ve never seen one you are in for a treat.

 Flower carpets are just what the name implies.  Carpets, made from flowers.  Here are few of the mind-blowing designs that give you an indication of the size and beauty of these magic carpets.


 Brussels Carpet  Flower carpets have existed for centuries and are an art form that combines tradition with horticulture and beauty to produce a work of art that is as creatively unique as it is marvelously colorful to behold.


Each year the Annual Brussels Flower Carpet Festival takes place in Brussels, Belgium.  In this event, on average, nearly 800,000 Begonias and Dahlias are hand woven into a flat turf to create a spectacular design and color explosion that draws spectators and participants from around the world.  


      Hands on Flowers                   Carpet with fountain


Originating in Brussels, in 1971, landscape architect E Stauteman was looking for a way to present the beauty of his favorite flower the Begonia, to the world in a way that was visually stunning and unique.  Thus, the annual Brussels flower carpet fest was born. 

 Since its inception, it has evolved each year in its style, size and scope, with themes that reflect the culture of the day. 


Not all flower carpets are on the scale of Brussels’ however.  Artisans worldwide have discovered this medium to express a love of flowers and art by creating their own floral masterpieces.


Our good friend Arjun is such a person.  He and his friends design and create beautiful works of art with colorful flowers that express originality and creativity.  


Below is a photo of Arjun with some friends proudly displaying their original work of flowery art.  The peace sign in the center reflects a spiritual camaraderie and Arjun’s hope for the world.


 Arjun Flower Carpet

         Our friend Arjun with his friends


While somewhat tedious to compose, the time required to create them can actually be impressively short.  Provided you have enough floral workers.


Brussels is not the only place that can put together an impressive carpet of flowers.  In the city of Kohikode, India, for example, 1000 locals produced the largest flower carpet in the world as recognized by the true authority on world’s records, the Guinness Book of World Records.


The floral carpet was 151 feet in diameter, covered 17,500 square feet and contained over 33,000 pounds of Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, chethi and vadamalli.

 Merry go Round of Flowers

It was reported that the concept behind the exercise was to celebrate unity, brotherhood, and harmony through creating beauty together.


Incredulously, this world record carpet took exactly 2 hours and 8 minutes to create.  I spent more time on this blog.


The festival in Brussels in an annual event so if you find yourself looking for a European vacation that is filled with beauty, hope and love of horticulture, consider checking out Brussels, Belgium, and their beautiful Carpet Festival.



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Arjun Carpet



Belgium Flower Carpets


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